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Fatima's favourite Lauryn Hill tracks

Not much beats dancing to your favourite artist in an ancient ampitheatre on the dreamy Adriatic coast. Except, maybe, performing alongside your favourite artist in a 2000 year old Roman Amphitheatre on the dreamy Adriatic coast. This Summer, Eglo Records-signee and bringer of soul Fatima will show everyone a good time at Outlook Festival's opening gig in Pula with Ms. Lauryn Hill. Currently gearing up to drop her debut album, we asked the Anglo-Swede for her top 5 tracks by the one and only L. Boogie.

  • I Find It Hard To Say

    "At the Unplugged show she sang so very raw and beautiful. There's nothing but truth in the message. Listen closely to the whole show."


  • Fu-Gee-La

    "The anthem! This video had me wanting to go on some next mission in the sun plus the dope mix of Lauryn's rap, singing & clothes got me mesmerised."



  • Superstar

    "A whole lotta truth in this one, people listen up! 'Music is supposed to inspire so how come we ain't gettin' no higher?' Crazy good vocals too."


  • Vocab

    "This was fun times! I just like the playfulness in the rhymes & flows + the classic, timeless video."


  • Sweetest thing

    "A great love song from a true Queen. Warm and melancholic. I love the video too, check it!"