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a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at

Cats are not pets they’re luxury friends. If they could afford to dress themselves they would be whisker to paw in the season’s latest must-haves. They refuse to walk on a leash, play fetch or take orders. A pussy is self sufficient in every way. Sleek, elegant and arrogant, this intelligent animal has held mysterious authority over mankind since Ancient Egyptian times. Worshipped as Gods and adorned with jewellery, a feline’s silken coat, piercing emerald eyes and elegant stature separated them from any other domesticated beast then and now. Living the life of ultimate leisure, spent sleeping, grooming, eating and hunting, a cat does not care what you think of her or if she makes you happy. The fashion industry’s most stylish kitties allowed i-D into their homes, offering us a glimpse into the relationship they have with the humans who adore them.

Text Milly McMahon
Photography Willem Jaspert

  • piggy, maine coon, london fields

    Who’s your owner? 
    Fashion designer, Katie Eary
    When did you first meet her?
    I first met Katie when I was two months old. She had incredible shoes, so I knew we would get on just fine. That was until I saw the state of her flat. I was quite disappointed, but it was soon rectified by a crystal collar gift. What’s your style?
    I’ve often looked at Katie and thought I could pull off her clothes better than her, so I’d go for similar, Céline, Balenciaga and Katie Eary spring/summer 13. 
    Who’s the hottest cat in the world?
    Bounty, my bf from Angel. 
    Who’s the hottest person in the world?
    A$AP Rocky, I cannot get enough of his gold teeth and jewels! 
    Who’s your role model?
    My role model is Audrey, Donatella Versace’s dog, she is living the dream. I want that soon. Katie is gonna have to get cracking, I can’t wait around forever!


    Katie Eary and Peggy

  • frank, persian exotic, homerton

    Who’s your owner? 
    Who? Her! She’s Grace Baker, UK Sales Manager at Nudie Jeans. 
    How did you first meet her?
    Grindr, we moved in together pretty soon after. 
    What’s her wardrobe like?
    Scandinavian influences, a lot of shoes, although hopefully she won’t look as I might have messed in there. 
    What’s your style?
    I think I’m more Garfield than Lagerfeld, less is more after all. 
    How does Grace keep herself looking good and feeling great?
    If you ask me, she could do more. 
    Who’s the hottest cat in the world?
    Tinkerbell, the Persian beauty that hangs out in the off-license on Stoke Newington High Street. 
    Who’s the hottest person in the world?
    It’s a toss-up between Catwoman and Kat Slater.


    Grace Baker and Frank

  • bill, moggy, east london

    Who’s your owner?
    Designer, Nasir Mazhar.
    When did you first meet him?
    I was born at the end of Nasir’s bed and I still live with him in the same place.
    Describe your personality...
    I’m bubbly and loving.
    How do you and Nasir relax?
    We sleep to relax.
    What do you do when no one’s around?
    I kill.
    Who’s the hottest person in the world?
    Mariah Carey.
    Who’s your role model?
    Lil Kim.
    What’s next for you?
    Some more killing...


    Nasir Mazhar and Bill

  • bruno, moggy, bethnal green

    Who’s your owner?
    Make-up artist, Lucy Bridge.
    Tell us about her?
    She is an OCD cleaning obsessive, she even moves me out the way to clean.
    What’s her wardrobe like?
    A monochrome selection of mesh, sheer, short skirts and fishnets.
    What sort of cat would Lucy be?
    A Maine Coon... they are big, fluffy and friendly.
    Where’s your favourite place to catnap?
    Up next to Lucy’s taxidermy crow on the beams.
    Who’s the hottest cat in the world?
    Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette!
    Who’s the hottest person in the world?
    Lindsey Lohan.
    Who is Lucy’s role model?
    Her mum. She comes to visit a lot and she buys me treats! Yummmmm.


    Lucy Bridge and Bruno

  • hugo, moggy, maida vale

    Who’s your owner?
    Murray Arthur at The Book Agency, daddy to me.
    Tell us about him?
    He has ghastly toenails.
    What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
    I once did a pee in daddy’s new shoes...
    If you were to wear clothes, what labels would you wear?
    Tom Ford, I just think he’s genius. I like to look elegant, sophistiCATed and classic.
    Who’s the hottest cat in the world?
    Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s cat.
    Who’s Murray’s role model?
    Tom Ford.


    Murray Arthur and Hugo

  • alan montgomery ponzenby, moggy, haggerston

    Who’s your owner?
    i-D’s Culture Correspondant, Princess Julia.
    Tell us about her?
    Despite her outwardly underground persona what she really gets off on is run-of-the-mill daytime television.
    If you were to wear clothes, what labels would you wear?
    I’d wear a Casely Hayford suit, something with a bit of a flourish from James Long, for a casual moment, a nice cardi from Christopher Shannon. Shoes might be a bit of luxury because I’d have to buy two pairs.
    What sort of cat would Julia be?
    She’d be a Russian Blue with youthful good looks and a meow that could strip paint.
    How do you and Julia relax?
    We love to unwind in front of Coronation Street.
    When was the last time you got the cream?
    When I had that awful rash last week.
    Who’s your role model?
    Veronica Lake.
    Who’s Julia’s role model?
    June Brown.


    Princess Julia and Alan Montgomery Ponzenby

  • luna and cornelius, moggies, shoreditch

    Who owns you?
    Fashion designers, Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff.
    If you were to wear clothes, what labels would you wear?
    Luna: I would probably wear Chanel or Valentino.
    Cornelius: I would wear Lee Roach - I like black and white.
    What are your favourite things to do?
    Luna: My favourite things to do are chasing balls of paper and sitting on Edward’s knee.
    Cornelius: I love cuddles; I can never get enough attention.
    Where’s your favourite place to catnap?
    Luna: I sleep most of the day under the (out-of-use) pleating press in the mess room.
    Cornelius: I spend all day sleeping on top of the archive cupboard, it’s very high and I don’t know how to get myself back down from there so I shout until Edward comes to lift me down on a ladder.



    Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff with Luna and Cornelius

  • frank, lilac point siamese, london

    Who’s your owner?
    Shoe designer, Georgie Bee.
    Tell us about her?
    She has to draw her eyebrows on every day or she has no emotions.
    What’s her wardrobe like?
    A granny explosion.
    What’s your style?
    I like to think of myself as a Katie Eary/Meadham Kirchhoff kinda cat. I’m cute.
    What sort of cat would Georgie be?
    I think she would be one of those hairless ones with alien heads...
    When was the last time you got the cream?
    I always get the cream.


    Georgie Bee and Frank

  • tomathan catula III, abyssinian wire haired cat and magic, moggy, stoke newington

    Who’s your owner?
    Tom Cat: DJ, Disco Dave.
    Magic: Writer, Paul Flynn
    Tell us about them?
    Tom Cat: Dave cries during 60 Minute Makeover. A lot.
    Magic: Paul insured me at Tesco and has an umbrella plant called Rihanna.
    What are their wardrobes like?
    Tom Cat: A sea of ill-fitting streetwear, all too small.
    Magic: A total midlife crisis.
    How do they keep themselves looking good and feeling great?
    Tom Cat: Sunbeds, kebabs and alcopops.
    Magic: Have you met him?
    Who are their role models?
    Tom Cat: Ted.
    Magic: Ted.
    If you were to wear clothes, what labels would you wear?
    Tom Cat: Supreme, Thom Grey, Champion.
    Magic: A.P.C. (a perfect cat).
    What do you do when no one’s around?
    Tom Cat:
    I watch TV, usually Project Catwalk.
    Magic: I read Grazia.
    Who’s the hottest cat in the world?
    Tom Cat: Err, me. Obvs.
    Magic: Tom.
    What’s next for you?
    Tom Cat: Crisps.
    Magic: untitledGetting my ears pierced and reading 50 Shades of Grey on the iPad.

    Disco Dave and Paul Flynn with Tom Cat and Magic