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Claire Barrow's unrequited love story

Fashion East's Claire Barrow is known for her hand-painted leather jackets and badass attitude. Currently presenting her very first collection with NEWGEN, we asked the gothic gal to pick the 5 looks she loves the most. From smoking hot silk suits to leather painted chaps, Claire's designs feature dead heartthrobs through the ages; her heroes immortalised in looks to move, dance and sing in. This is Claire Barrow's unrequited love story.

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  • 5. rudolph

    "I paint the men on paper, photocopy them, print them out, then stick them onto the pattern piece which I then paint in then scan back in and then print. This 'Rudolph' dress with full drama swamps you in silky satin luxury." 

    Claire Barrow autumn/winter 14

  • 4. serge


    "This satin suit and tie is sexy and printed with a smoking Serge Gainsbourg surrounded by smoking women."


    Claire Barrow autumn/winter 14

  • 3. screamin' jay


    "The 'Screamin Jay' leather and metallic fringed biker jacket comes complete with Screamin Jay printed patches and hand painted leather Chaps of the ghosts of chaps past." 


    Claire Barrow autumn/winter 14

  • 2. burroughs


    "My 'Burroughs' sparkly knit jumper sits on top of iridescent fringed leather trousers." 


    Claire Barrow autumn/winter 14

  • 1. the ultimate


    "Iridescent fringed leather dress is the essence of Claire Barrow without the illustations. Relax with your hands in the pockets and let the fringing sway in the nighttime breeze." 


    Claire Barrow autumn/winter 14