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red hot redheads for v-day

According to the Chinese Zodiac calendar, 2014 is the year of the wooden horse, so dress up and have fun. But for your own safety, Feng shui experts insist you must avoid wearing red at all costs, as it represents fire, scandals, conflicts, explosions and arguments. After all, wood is combustible. But what if your hair’s red? What then? It's Valentine's Day and red is everywhere, show some love for our top 7 redheads ever...

Text Adam Fletcher


    Occasionally fashion breaks its own boundaries, and when it does it acts as a catalyst for a cultural revolution. Marlene Dietrich and Coco Chanel challenged the corseted female silhouette by putting women in trousers. As for Miley Cyrus... doesn’t matter. Although Clara Bow isn’t famous for what she said, it was her silence and devastating beauty that captivated all of us. If Liza Minnelli and Helena Bonham-Carter had a ginger love child she would be it. 


    Her latest movie is titled Non-Stop. After more than 30 years in the film industry, Julianne Moore shows no sign of stopping. She’s a bitch, she’s a lover, she’s a child, she’s a mother, she’s a sinner, she’s a saint. Not. Well, she is a mother and a saint in our eyes. But, in her films, she’s a pregnant housewife, a behavioural palaeontologist, a President and religious zealot mother. There’s no end to the array of roles she can play. We all know gentlemen prefer blondes, but Julianne’s red has turned our heads. 


    Gentlemen, we give you Queen Katrina, aka Vamp, aka Grace Jones. We love her voice, her entire look. She may not be a natural red, but she makes being a blood-sucking stripper look like the world’s sexiest job. The lady is a vamp.



    Danger, sacrifice, love, passion, fire, beauty, blood and anger – Renaissance style. We’ve crowned Queen Elizabeth I as the queen of all redheads. With her barely visible eyebrows, foot-long ruff collar, and continuous serving of diamonds and pearls, it’s no wonder the Virgin Queen is always the muse of the moment. She’s more than just fashion - she’s drama, theatre and history in the making. Walk like an Elizabethan. Bow down.


    Roses are red, violets are blue. This spring, designers invite us to take a walk in the park. We are seeing explosions of florals bursting forth from the ground and onto the catwalk, whether it’s in the form of illustrated blooms or against girly pastels. But nobody said anything about a river, did they? Only Elizabeth Siddal as Ophelia can make floating down a river flower-strewn and dead look this good. 


    Have you ever met someone and felt an instant attraction- almost magnetic? When red and Jessica Rabbit first met it was dramatic, it was intense, it was overwhelming. It was love at first sight. With her narrow waist and buxom bosom and red’s alluring flare, they were sure to be star-crossed lovers. And as power couples go, they have the panache to supersede even Kim and Kanye. Bound 3.

  • Rita Hayworth

    Unlike Rihanna, Rita Hayworth didn’t need a catchy pop song, or to pretend smoking diamante stones to shine bright like a diamond. All she needed was her flame-red hair and a booming voice. Oh, and a pair of $3-million Stuart Weitzman heels adorned with an abundance of sapphires, rubies and REAL diamonds. Rita vs. Rihanna – which one is the real red hot star?