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5 biggest WTF moments at Jeremy Scott

Space Jam, Sporty Spice, Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Also, My So Called Life and the world’s greatest pop-goddess-heavy Pepsi commercial. Those are just some of our ultimate guilty pleasures that came to mind following Jeremy Scott’s AW 2014 show this afternoon. Let us explain, won’t you?

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Text Alex Catarinella
Photography Mitchell Sams

  • 1. My apologies!

    Fashion Week fact: pit photographers shrieking for front-rowers to uncross their legs means the show’s about to begin. The same happened at Jeremy Scott’s runway show this afternoon at Milk Studios, albeit the photographer offered an uncharacteristic “we love you” following the request. Oh, and, out of nowhere, Mr. Jared Leto zipped down the runway and into his seat, tangled locks soaring behind. Not one to make a scene or anything, he blurted out “my apologies!” which resulted in several LOLs. Cute one, Catalano.

    Jeremy Scott Autumn/Winter 14

  • 2. half time hallucinogens

    The show kicked off with Queen classic We Will Rock You, an apt musical pairing considering the collection’s Half Time-show-on-hallucinogens vibes. We were just a bit confused as to why the Britney x Beyonce x Pink cover from 2004's Pepsi commercial (aka the greatest collab in the universe) wasn’t used instead. Til next season…

    Jeremy Scott Autumn/Winter 14

  • 3. wet wet wet

    The wet, combed back hair and toned-down makeup was quite the departure from, like, every other Scott show ever. Reminder: SS14 was all about Stepford Wives-go-to-Mars while AW13 went all Siouxsie with a side of Blade Runner on us.

    Backstage Jeremy Scott AW14

  • 4. all eyes on us

    The lack of cat-eyes/mohawks was for the best though, cause It’d be criminal for the attention to be on anything but the head-turning looks. I mean, have you ever witnessed a basketball jacket made out of what appears to be an actual basketball? What about Adidas soccer-shin-pads-turned-thigh-highs? Yeah, that happened, for which we thank you Jeremy. <3


    Jeremy Scott autumn/winter 14

  • 5. take a guess

    Massively blogged-about IMG girl, Gigi Hadid both opened and closed the show. You may recognize the 18 year old from her Guess ads and/or as the covergirl from the new CR Fashion Book. If you spend your weeknights illegally streaming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you'll know that Gigi is Yolanda Foster's gorgeous daughter. Gigi closed the show in a tube sock gown complete with sock train. WTF? It was fabulous. On that note, does Bjork go to the Oscar’s anymore? What about Sporty Spice?

    Jeremy Scott Autumn/Winter 14