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top 5 hoodlum honeys of NYFW

New York Fashion Week embodies (oh, god in fashion heaven, forgive me for what I am about to type) 'utilitarian chic'. It's a kind of cleanliness that can veer towards either the more structural or softer shapes, the sharp versus the romantic, but it never goes too far. New York's fashion is moulded by its consumers - the savvy cool kids who take the crazy abstracts or the heavenly romantics of Europe and put it on the huge streets of their city, giving it an urban-accessibility. Sometimes though, a bombshell steps onto the street, a hard-ass hitting number that pumps with 'tude and a fuck-you-ness understood the world over. If New York is the city of chic, then this season is the time of the elegant city hoodlum, the bad-ass-good-girl that isn't bad, she's superior. New York has its nuances and its own style, and the below are the cream of the crop when it comes to injecting NYFW with a fantastical, forward and fucking great hoodlum style. THIS IS FOR MAH GIRLS ALL AROUND DA WORLD.

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Text Bojana Kozarevic
Catwalk photography Umberto Fratini 


  • alexander wang


    These leather, wide-legged babies have the killer combo of sex (leather, black and pointy shoes) and straight up G (ruched waistband with red bow). Alexander Wang is one of New York's newly-appointed fashion kings with his ability to transfer features of sportswear and make them sexy, sharp and most of all, original and unseen before. Bangin'. 



    alexander wang autumn/winter 14

  • heavenly haze of angels


    Angel Haze stomping in the DKNY show sent hearts-a-flutter, 'spesh in those sneakers and that dip-dyed purple do. Girlish notes were slightly teased out with the blouse and skirt combo, only to be thrown to the hoodlum winds of her wedged sneakers and black fur coat. Angel Haze is the upper echelon of female rap at the minute; she is also the upper echelon of the NY fashion and music scene. A real fashion moment with a unreal casting that blew many other shows out the water. 


    dkny autumn/winter 14

  • rodarte rocks


    The Rodarte sisters transport us to their fairytales lands each season, and this season was no different. Coats in classic shapes were wowed with glitter, lined with wool, and accessorised with socks, sandals and Jackie O glasses. Not so hoodlum, more sexy-stripper-waaaah-bitch. Either way, plenty of 'tude and a heady take on the good girl. Hurrah! 


    rodarte autumn/winter 14

  • marc by marc we love love love


    Firstly, massive congratulations to Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley for their collection for MBMJ! Secondly, everyone take a look at the layer upon layer of black. Though there were elements of femininity (cinched-in waists), they were met with stronger forces of boy-chic. Short, slogans and sweatshirts were the driving elements of each look and boy (girl/boy), was it effective. From lady to ladette and we love it. 


    marc by marc jacobs autumn/winter 14

  • phillp lush


    Phillip Lim's collection was injected with a '90s superpower - the rounded shoulders, the high-waists and the pastels and most effectively, the zip jacket. Phillip Lim's jacket was no ordinary '90s hip-hop inspired jacket though, oh no, it was crystallised and worn as a dress. If that ain't glam hoodlum and a bright shine on the catwalk, then I don't know what is. Hoodlum goes D.I.S.C.O. 


    phillip lim autumn/winter 14