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Altuzarra's comfortable seduction

Joseph Altuzarra is sexy and so are his designs. Using all types of texture, he presented thigh-skimming silk dresses alongside tapestry and shearling. Proving once more that he knows exactly what women want, designs turned their wearers into relaxed goddesses. Sensuality was rife.

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Text Jack Borkett
Photography Mitchell Sams

  • cosy up

    Altuzarra welcomed the audience to the flock as shiny, sexy wolves dressed up in sheep's clothing. The collection was full of ease and simplicity, with silk dresses in shades of neutral grey cocooned by luxurious shearling jackets. Little Bo Peep had lost her sheep but we found them on the runway.

  • blue, all rise


    This bright blue shawl coat was simple yet beautifully executed. Classic and stylish, it summed up this chic collection perfectly.


  • no half measures


    Thigh skimming dresses kept the sex appeal. The girls walked and we were all seduced!!


  • be bold


    Flashes of colour broke the show up. Fuschia, burgundy and cobalt blue saturated the clean, quiet pieces setting the tone for a playful and alluring collection.


  • sew sweet


    The tapestry-soft wool dresses were hand-woven with neon pink and canary yellow. Celebrating craft and quality, Joseph Altuzarra told us that the show was all about ''...joy. A lot of freedom but also about finding restraint in that freedom.''