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Danish designers Soulland get spaced out

Last week, the founders of Danish menswear label Soulland, Silas Adler and Jacob Kamp Berliner, invited i-D to Copenhagen to present an autumn/winter 14 collection inspired by the moon and stars. We asked Silas to give us a top five of his favourite pieces.

Text Silas Adler
Photography Sascha Oda
Model Victor Nylander @ Scoop Models


  • 5. Peggs shirt with tinfoil artwork

    "The Oxford button-down shirt featuring artwork created by small pieces of tinfoil is a new and fun take on a wardrobe staple and adds an understated reference to the space theme. While I was working on the collection I was inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick from 1968. Recognised as one of the most influential films ever made, its intention was to create as accurate a depiction of the future as was possible at the time. They might not use tinfoil as a props in the movie, but I think the idea of using tinfoil as artwork suits the aesthetics of the film."

    Photography Sascha Oda

  • 4. Kombo down jacket in all-over print

    "This white down jacket with a multicolour print screams space, and features drawings inspired by the solar system and illustrations from The Problem of Space Travel – The Rocket Motor by Herman Potočnik, published in 1928. With more than one hundred handmade drawings, Potočnik set out a plan for a breakthrough in space and the establishment of human presence there."

    Photography Sascha Oda

  • 3. Larsen jacket and trousers with reflective tape

    "There’s an understated reference to outer space in the use of reflective tape highlighted on shirts, trousers and a jacket. You can also see a silver reflex print on the classic Soulland ribbon logo sweatshirt. Take a photo with your phone and use flash. Instagram: #soulland."

    Photography Sascha Oda

  • 2. Gravity sweatshirt with Space Cordelia embroidery

    "Sweatshirts with Cordelia embroidery are becoming a Soulland classic. This season we made a sweatshirt in black with slubs and SPACE written in royal blue capitals on the chest."

    Photography Sascha Oda

  • 1. Oda trench coat in Limonta, Italy fabric

    "Working with new fabrics and techniques is in the DNA of Soulland and something we strive to put even more focus on. I’m especially satisfied with our outerwear and suiting for this season, and a bomber jacket and this trench coat in a camouflage jacquard fabric by Limonta, Italy stand out to me. The warm colours represent ‘earth’ as a contrast to a lot of grey, light blue, black and silver featured in the collection."