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mcqueen's most memorable moments

Lee Alexander McQueen put on shows like no other. From the infamous Kate Moss hologram to Shalom Harlow being spray-painted by robots, it is these moments that will go down in history and be forever heralded as the best of British fashion.

Text Jack Borkett

  • VOSS, spring/summer 01

    Perhaps the most celebrated and revered of his shows. The tableaux was an enormous mirrored box. For an hour or so the audience could only see their own reflection. Finally the lights came on. The interior was filled with moths and in the centre a naked model reclined in a gas mask. The glass walls around her smashed and the Joel Peter Witkin-inspired show began. "It was probably one of the best pieces of fashion theatre anyone has ever witnessed," confirmed Nick Knight


  • Le Damn Bleue, spring/summer 08

    This was Alexander McQueen’s tribute to his dear friend Isabella Blow, who died on 7th May 2007. Inspired by extreme glamour as embodied by her, La Dame Bleue focuses on all the McQueen signatures, including authentically created Saville Row tailoring. The bird theme - particularly symbolic of Blow – held the show together through a reprise of all the highlights of McQueen’s career so far.



  • Kate, autumn/winter 06

    Only McQueen could have imagined up a show with such magic! With a hologram of Kate Moss emerging from a speck inside a black pyramid, McQueen art directed the film with video maker Baillie Walsh. The vision was state of the art and the clothes were extrodinary in their workmanship. The ecstatic applause the show received was primarily in honour of the experience - a memory that will go down as one of fashion’s all time highs.


  • Rage Against The Machine, spring/summer 99

    If McQueen was the showman of fashion, then this was one of his defining moments. An incoherent Shalom Harlow was transformed into living art, sprayed by two giant spray machines. The stuff of legends! 


  • Plato‚Äôs Atlantis, spring/summer 10

    This was McQueen’s last show before his untimely death on 11th February 2010. With a writhing Raquel Zimmerman surrounded by snakes, the scene was set. Then came the 7ft models, parading in those shoes. It was also one of the first shows to be lived streamed, McQueen being one of the first to see fashion as worldwide live entertainment.