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clean bandit’s favourite remixes

Beautiful, brainy and great with a bow, Grace Chatto was playing cello with her string quartet when her boyfriend and now bandmate decided to cut, paste, and remix it. Dreamy classical notes cut through with pounding electronic beats; Clean Bandit is all about mixing Mozart with house. As these guys sit happily and deservedly at number one in the charts with Rather Be, we asked Grace to pick her all-time ultimate remixes.

Text Grace Chatto

  • Shola Ama – Imagine (Asylum Remix)

    "I heard this garage remix of the song before hearing the original several years later, and it's surprising that it's more sexy at this higher speed. The drum fill coming out of the first chorus with the triplets at the end is probably my favourite fill of all time. Though the string pizzicato in the original is missing in the remix, the string synth stabs are absolutely brilliant, especially when they follow that drum fill. As are the long high violin synth notes. The pitched vocals work wonderfully with the garage beat but retain the personality and depth from the original. Neil used to play this out a lot when he began DJing and in the first years of our club night so it reminds me if those days!"


  • Untold -  Stop What You're Doing (James Blake Remix)


    "I first heard this when James DJ'd at our club night National Rail Disco a few years ago. He went into it after playing the whole of Destiny's Child Say My Name a capella, and it was amazing. I find this remix gets me every time. It doesn't work on a small/bad sound system but when it does work, it's so deep and I love it even more now that I can listen to it in context of his new work. He is an incredible DJ, though he told me he doesn't like clubbing, and this early dubstep stuff feeds a lot into how we hear the wonderful new songs like Retrograde."


  • Clean Bandit – Nightingale (Gorgon City remix)

    "These guys completely transformed our song into a banger! The bassline is so fat and simple. It really works with the vocals they have taken and recently, we've been playing out the remix live, segueing in from the original. It's always one of the most fun moments in our set because their drop is so good. The bassline sounds simple, but when we got the project files from them in order to work out how to play it live, we realised it is in fact incredibly complex layering of different synths to get that deep rich sound."


  • Mariah Carey – Touch My Body (Cyril Hahn Remix)

    "I love Mariah Carey and I love what Cyril Hahn has done with this song. He's made it completely his own and it's emotional. The legato synths in the chorus are particularly moving and bring out those different notes within the original chord progression, which make me cry."


  • Jessie Ware – Running (Disclosure Remix)

    "It's brilliant. The drop is just too good. The way the vocals are processed and rhythmically integrated is perfect. They have been sped up in a way that makes the lyrical content less important than the sound, and the clean controlled sound world is unbelievably hot. Like in a lot of their music, the way Disclosure use silence is all-important and perfectly judged. Apart from Help Me Lose My Mind, I think this is still my favourite of their tracks."