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this is why trainers are cool

Who wear it all, I’m an adidas freak. Multi-thousand pair of sneak freak. As i-D cover star Kreayshawn wrote those lyrics, she saw the future and the future was trainers.

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Text Francesca Dunn

  • chanel couture put them on the runway

    Led by Cara D, Chanel couture's tribe of sixty-five stunning models walked the walk in a selection of custom Massaro pastel pumps. With each pair matching the outfit perfectly, Karl Lagerfeld brought fashion up to date and made us feel like all those times we wore trainers to fashion week were totally justified – because it was cool. Chanelling early Lily Allen (who attended the show) by pairing ball gowns with kicks, the girls looked bad-ass and comfy too. Special mentions go to the wispy-witchy crow queen, the starry glitterball look and Karl Lagerfeld's godson in his own mini pair. This is the future. 

    See the full Chanel couture show here.

    Chanel Couture Spring 14

  • tech spec

    We like to think that in the future, trainers will do all the moving for us - maybe even make us fly. Things always fly in the future. Looking for a more sensible prediction, we chatted to NY sneaker designer Ronnie Fieg at the opening of his pop-up store in Paris last week. "I expect companies to really start implementing their research and development. I’m expecting things like climate-controlled footwear, all-terrain designs. I really think we'll see a lot of new technologies soon - not in terms of how lightweight a shoe can get, or using breathable fabrics, but real exciting tech."

    Read the full interview here.

    Photography Richard Burbridge, The Collectors Issue

  • nike air max

    Back in 1979, by putting air bags in the midsoles, Nike revolutionised sneaker design and created the Air Max. No matter which model you rock, the Nike Air Max is a classic style that we’re 100% sure will continue to stand the test of time. Starting out with a simple design, they proceded to make it in every single colour (and combination) imaginable before moving on to different prints and uppers and damn! When they discovered it worked in metallic too, it got too much to handle. One of every single design ever please.


    A-Z of Wink

  • they're comfy

    Trainers make you walk to work. They make you scoff when your friend takes a taxi down the road. They make you do more. Wear them to the club, dance like you mean it all night long, and you certainly won’t be carrying them down the street as the sun comes up. Instead, you’ll be running home in a drunken daze and it will feel like the best thing ever. When your feet are happy, so are you.

    Timur Celikdag, The Collectors Issue

  • they're sexy

    Put a good pair of trainers with pretty much anything and it will make you look cool. If you’re unsure or uneasy about stepping into the world of the sneak, play it safe with a pair of Chuck Taylor high-tops. Perhaps even invest in Comme de Garcon’s PLAY version and get all loved up. The point is, as exemplified both on and off the catwalk this season, the understated awesome of trainers is powerful. Whether you're offsetting a monochrome fashion outfit with a fun pair of down theres or going for all out colour, trainers give off a sexy sort of nonchalance that speaks volumes. And with Riccardo Tisci’s take on Nike’s Air Force One due to drop in March, there’s really no excuse not to get involved.

    Check out Nike RT here.

    Photography Matt Jones for i-D's Collectors Issue