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dior couture was out of this world

Monday brought us a fashion experience we had not encountered before - a totally modern couture show without even the tiniest touch of dust.

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Text Sarah Richardson
Photography Mitchell Sams

  • spaced-out

    The large copper box of a show space was impressive but gave no insight to the wonder that lay inside...an other-worldly, window-littered cave provided a space that was at once uplifting and minimal yet with ornate curves that brought Gaudi to mind.

    Photography Mitchell Sams

  • biomorphism

    “A blend of white, angular modernism and biomorphism echoing the female form,” introduced the programme. We were transported thousands of years into the future, and we liked it.

    Photography Mitchell Sams

  • float away

    The collection itself felt pure, sensuous, feminine and modern - though in no way austere. It was ethereal yet bold, young yet sophisticated. The fabrics themselves felt weightless but at the same time technical. It was as though Raf had traveled to the future and brought back a sprinkling of future fashion magic for us.

    Photography Mitchell Sams

  • cnidaria scyphozoa aurelia

    Conjuring up images of deep-water jellyfish, many of the dresses were transparent with airy, billowing backs.

    Photography Mitchell Sams

  • utopian dreams

    Sheer silk veils with cut out holes populated the runway, with one particular dress emerging covered in tiny antenna-like feathers that moved of their own accord as the model walked. The beautiful girls, the fashion wonders, and the strange world we inhabited all seemed to have been delicately handpicked from a dreamy utopian future.

    Is that not the point of fashion shows? A fantastical world that takes the audience to another dimension? And what a lovely adventure it was too…

    Photography Mitchell Sams