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top Kate Moss TV moments

She is known for intelligently staying silent and letting the mystery soar- one of the main reasons why we love her. When she does make a rare vocal appearance, Kate is bigger than life, charming and funny- the epitome of supermodel. i-D looks at Kate's best and most rare TV moments. Happy birthday Kate!

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  • Beautopia, 1998


    "Kate has that quality of child/woman thing which touches a nerve." Calvin Klein


    Beautopia, winner of the 1998 'Silver Hugo Award, in the field of social/political documentary' shows Kate Moss in all of her delectable charm, her wit and down to earthness. Katharina Otto-Bernstein's film features Moss interviewed by Daniel and Lucy De La Falaise, musing on courage in the modelling industry and denying she is a sex icon. Another paparazzi hating moment to watch out for- Amber and Naomi telling creepy paparrazzos to get outta there. 






  • Big Breakfast, 1995


    Young Kate and Johnny Depp discussing their charity work for WAR CHILD organisation. Was there ever a better moment? Watch out for Johnny also describing the paparazzi as 'mosquitoes'. 


  • Vicky and Katie Pollard


    One of our favourite sister duos- Katie and Vicky Pollard make a killer team.


  • Vauxhall Corsa 1992 commercial


    "Introducing the new super-model." Capturing just that moment between supermodel and supermodel realness, this commercial's cast nor Kate's funny fall still hasn't been topped. 


  • Dawn French and Kate WERKIN' IT




    Inspiring all women everywhere, Kate and Dawn own it like true supermodels somewhere "between crap and mediocre". 






  • Big Breakfast round 2

    Appearing on her own this time, Kate opens up about modelling, boyf-at-the-time Johnny Depp and necklaces in bum cracks.

  • L'Oreal Audition


    All natural- Kate controls the camera for a L'Oreal audition.