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Top Vivienne Westwood fighters of fracking

Comrades, to war. War against fracking, inhumanity and let us fight for peace, says Dame Viv and we listen- because if anyone has the power to motivate, it's Vivienne Westwood. Read the show notes- "Attention: Fracking is the Big Fight. In England we must all challenge the irresponsible behavior of our governments who are trying to force fracking upon us with no consideration of alternatives. The public must be informed. One thing is sure: At this point in time we must think before we rush into further action to fracture our earth." It is a long-standing opinion Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler have been fighting for and supporting through collections and activism. This collection today wasn't just evidential of their spirit, it was a creation of a whole army of their men. Activism manifested itself in a variety of ways and looks, the fighter spirit ever so strong in each man. We look at the Westwood warriors who are fighting for the earth and for its peace, and how exactly they are doing it.

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Text Bojana Kozarevic 
Catwalk photography Mitchell Sams 

  • rocky balboa boxer beats

    Eye of the tiger and you better believe. A boxer tracksuit of Westwood proportions, baggy and beautifully gray, it's for the man that trains and trains liek a true tiger. 

    vivienne westwood autumn/winter 14

  • vampire vibes

    The hair at Westwood was made so as to represent the oil spillages. When it was white, not black, it seemed even more unnatural and unnerving- far too clean and perfect. Just like a vampire. Then again, Blade was a vampire who was good and there are so many nice vamps around today that they are deemed as not that bad. Their style certainly isn't. Vivienne Westwood's over-sharp, over-tailored and lustrously mac-ced vampire is a danger to deal with. Watch those fangs. 

    vivienne westwood autumn/winter 14

  • oh, detective!

    The more relaxed looks took on shaplier forms of cropped trosuers, shirts and lengthy ties. These hareem-esque gray numbers are a Westwood staple worn slouchy with a shirt, tie and blazer of the cleverest tailoring. Just like any good detective, it's what's in the brain that counts- don't be fooled. 

    vivienne westwood autumn/winter 14

  • stormin' saviour

    The one that will walk a thousand miles and cross a thousand seas. Another version of the tracksuit came in neoprene and flannel fabrics, ready for any stormy weather. The play on fabrics and texture added a solidity not only to the collection, but to the silhouette of tracksuti and shapely macs. Whatever the weather, you can rely on this one. 

    vivienne westwood autumn/winter 14

  • spaceman soul

    Vivienne Westwood. Gold tracksuit. So much bling it hurts the baddie's eyes. Need we say more - Shine the light! 

    vivienne westwood autumn/winter 14

  • the wise and smooth warrior

    Tacitly luring you into a false sense of security, this smooth and sexy soldier has many a trick up his bat-winged sleeve. Layered turtleneck and open shirt hark back to the fantastical histories which Westwood so beautifully recreates. Recites you a poem and kills you with his words. What a weapon. 

    vivienne westwood autumn/winter 14