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soul clap's garage greats

Boston DJ's Charlie and Eli aka Soul Clap have a worldwide following and a track record of throwing truly memorable parties. After recently releasing a truly incredibly garage All Stars compilation on pioneering garage label Nice N Ripe, the dynamic duo dig deep through their record collection and share their greatest garage tunes with yours truly. A round of applause for Soul Clap please!

  • Wookie ft. Lain - Battle

    "Once you hear this vocal it gets stuck in your head for at least a week. On this one Wookie managed to capture the essence of 2-step garage soul without making it cheesy. Re-rewind every time!"


  • Roy Davis Jr. ft. Peven Everett - Gabrielle (Live Garage Mix)

    "It makes sense that one of the deepest, most emotional garage jams of all time is by a US producer. Chicago native, Davis was one our favorites in the late 90's and this song is probably his crowning achievement. Everett's vocals are the timeless kind that give you goose bumps every time you hear it. Eli first heard this at the beginning of the first UK garage mix CD he bought, Tuff Jam's Underground Frequencies, and his life was changed forever."


  • Soul II Soul - Pleasure Dome (Booker T Dub)

    "For us Booker T was the king of the piano/organ soulful garage sound. Clearly influenced by MK’s style, but pushing off in his own special direction, his remixes and dubs bring an unparalleled love and warmth to 4x4 garage. While, his mix of "Bizzi’s Party" is one of the all time 4x4 vocals it’s this dub that just perfectly nails the vibe in timelessly."


  • Tuff Jam - Need Good Love

    "This list would not be complete without a Tuff Jam track. After all the Matt “Jam” Lamont and Karl “Tuff Enuf” Brown mixed  “Underground Frequencies Volume 1”. A CD, which beyond just “Gabrielle”, includes so many memory inducing, now classic jams we still listen to it on the regular. Tuff Jam also produced some of our all time faves like “History Of House”, “Swing" and “Tumblin’ Down” as well as dropping classic remixes of Tina Moore, CeCe Peniston and even Coolio, all while running Unda Vybe, one of the highest quality labels of the late ’90’s. The most powerful jam of all for us is ’98’s Need Good Love, a piano led, feel good vocal jam whose positive message always gets our hearts beating and hands in the air."


  • Zoom & D.B.X. - Comin Again

    "While there was a big temptation to include a So Solid jam on this list (I mean after all they basically both invited Grime and destroyed the entire garage genre for years), but you’ve probably already heard of them. So we decided to include this underground stepper jam because it may be the ultimate closing track. In fact Eli has probably ended almost every garage set he’s ever played with it because its the perfect mix of rough and smooth and sends you home with your feet floating on a cloud."

    Get the Soul Clap Nice N Ripe All Stars compilation here.