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20 ways to have a banging summer

The last day of March saw the clocks go forward, greedily snatching a hour of sleep right from under our heads - but every pillow has a silver lining... It also marked the official start of British Summer! It's time to leave the computer-lit dens of your home/office and embrace the sunlit great outdoors. Go to pool parties, dance on rooftops, drink a frozen margarita and have sex on the beach - and always make sure you whack on the fun factor 50. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Here are our 20 ways to make sure your summer is hot, hot, hot...

1. Follow this Soundcloud account.

2. Quit your job, buy a ticket, see the world, fall in love. Staycations are lame!

3. Get yourself to Hideout Festival – if you don’t already have a ticket, it's time to get touting - you might just catch i-D presenting something special...

4. Delve deep into the forests of the Hertfordshire countryside and immerse yourself in Farr Festival.

5. But don’t be this girl.

6. Learn how to build the perfect BBQ - everything tastes good when it's been grilled.

7. Look up from your smartphones - live in the moment (don't Instagram), listen to the music (don't Shazam) and walk everywhere -  Uber is so last year.

8. Listen to this

9. Listen to it again.

10. Glastonbury. Obviously.

11. Attend Jackmaster & Oneman Present Can U Dance. Coming to a festival near you.

12. Get to the South of France for Worldwide Festival. You will understand why.

13. Don’t miss the world cup. England will win :-/

14. Throw paint bombs at your friends.

15. Really appreciate the beauty of summer.

16. Watch an outdoor movie.

17. Call in sick to work and spend a weekday at a theme park when all the kids are at school so there are no queues. Or just full screen this and pretend you're on a rollercoaster.

18. Go to at least one of these places.

19. Follow i-D's guide to Coachella.

20. When UK summer ends, emigrate to Australia and go back to step 1.


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