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Don't frack, make love! Vivienne Westwood leads the charge

Yesterday Vivienne Westwood led an Anti-Fracking march through the streets of London, i-D reports from the frontline…

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On Wednesday 19th March, i-D hit the streets of London with Dame Vivienne Westwood to take part in the capital’s biggest anti-fracking march. Why? Because in Vivienne Westwood's own words, “We must stop the government from forcing fracking on people!” Vivienne led the crowd, from Battersea, to the King’s Road and onto Knightsbridge, with cries of “Frack off!” and “Join the revolution!” Her 180 demonstrators, which included many of her own employees, dressed up colourfully to reflect our toxic future and carried signs reading “We Need to Talk About Fracking!” “What’s Good for the Planet is Good for the Economy,” and “Go Frack Yourself!”

Fracking, as Westwood has educated us, is a process that drills water into the earth and rocks in order to release gas and oil. This water, however, comes at a great environmental cost and releases gasses into the atmosphere that are potentially carcinogenic and harmful. "We're not being told the whole truth about fracking in the UK when we are told that it's safe," Vivienne told i-D. "There are threats to our countryside, our water and our health. We are running headlong towards climate change and more fossil fuels is not a solution!" 

With Vivienne as our leader, it was almost as if we had stepped back in time, joining Vivienne’s fight against the system outside Buckingham Palace in 1967. Even the policemen seemed to be smiling in admiration for her. And in a way we were, just sadly this time in a period of even bigger woes (politically and environmentally). We chanted and we marched to the beat of a samba band and music from dub step artist Jamie King. The energy was amazing, the styling a natural ode both to Westwood, her political prowess and standing as the first lady of fashion revolution. What mattered most was the community and spirit. Marching for a cause is powerful, but what is even more powerful is being led by a lady who is so well versed in standing up for our rights, both humanitarianly and environmentally. “The only thing that can save us is public opinion,” encouraged Westwood. Her voice led us, her age (shown through a newly-shaved head) and her experience motivated us and we walked proudly alongside Dame Vivienne Westwood to a better, brighter future. Everyone else can frack off!