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20 ways to turn your life into a wes anderson movie

Oh, Wes Anderson... you and your band of not-so-merry men fill a lonely little hole in my life. If I could live inside one of your movies, I totally would. I'd dance on the beach of Moonrise Kingdom to Françoise Hardy, I'd be there to help Steve Zissou out on his deep sea mission, and I'd most definitely be sitting in the corner watching Natalie Portman get naked in Hotel Chevalier. No matter what unfortunate circumstance might arise, everything would be beautiful and brilliantly soundtracked. Unfortunately, I can't live in a Wes Anderson movie, but I can try my hardest to turn my own life into one. And so can you! Follow these steps and embrace the muted, well-structured world of Wanderson.

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1. Always walk in slo-mo, ideally in a gang. 

2. Have a uniform or a standard outfit that you wear every single day.

3. Be deadpan.

4. Dance awkwardly.

5. Only ever engage in complicated love affairs.

6. Don't speak often. When you do, make sure you say something beautiful.

7. Come up with wildly ridiculous plans in great detail.

8. Soundtrack your life with '60s pop and/or classical music. 

9. Be part of a large family.

10. Do an impressive amount of travelling

11. When it comes to fonts, use nothing but Futura Grand.

12. Make your instagram filter of choice Walden.

13. Be eccentric.

14. Face death and deal with it.

15. Befriend Bill Murray.

16. Dabble with suicide

17. Say goodbye to mp3s - your record player is your new best friend.

18. Cut everything in half. Stand back and appreciate the cross-section

19. Be childish - run away, build forts, live in treehouses. 

20. Make lists. Read them out loud.

Your initiation is complete and you are now a fully fledged Khaki Scout/Tenenbaum/Rushmore Academy student/member of Team Zissou.