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Milan Fashion Week, all the girls, all the shows!

While editors are in the air dreaming about Milan and on their way to Paris, we take time to reflect on the big hitters, the mutual highlights and the all-out glamour that characterises the city fashion. Here's Milan, in review, from those in the know.

"For me, it was all about Fendi's sculptural outerwear and Prada's shaggy sheepskins.That and Jeremy Scott's debut for Moschino, which hit the shops as soon as the show was over bringing a whole new meaning to the term "fast fashion". Holly Shackleton, editorial director

"I couldn't have asked for a dreamier, more magical experience than the Dolce & Gabbana show, with all its fairy-tale enchantment, Norman warlords, Sicilian grandeur, and bejewelled gloves. This is why I do what I do." Anders Christian Madsen, fashion features editor

"The Time Traveller's Wife could have been the theme of Fendi's autumn/winter 14 show. Karl gave us 30s music, dresses and fur stoles each pinned with an orchid corsage followed and contrasted by futuristic spacey dresses and sci-fi drones capturing the models' every move. There were also star map printed evening dresses which made me think of intergalactic travel. What I love about Karl whether at Chanel or Fendi, is that he always has one foot in the past but the other firmly stood in the future." Sarah Richardson, fashion director

"Snakeskin at Gucci. Snacks at Moschino. Skinny scarves and sheer slips at Prada." Alastair McKimm, new york fashion director 

'For me Miuccia's skill lies in the ability to make beautiful clothes that people want to buy and wear season after season... obviously the show is deep with reference but for me it's that tough and weak thing that she does so well. The proportions on oversized strong silhouetted shearlings combined with an almost haphazard selection of Art Deco prints, silver tracery, sheer organza shifts and fur trimmings that gave an impression of an organised confusion. It was fun, elevating, beautifully edited and timeless.'' Jack Borkett, fashion editor

"There are two images that will be forever burned into my memory of Milan. Cara dangling a little monster King Karl from her white leather gloved fingers and the manipulated 'M' of Jeremy Scott's festival of fast food fashion at Moschino. I've been left craving a Happy Meal and the desire to commission a furry mini-me ever since." Steve Salter, fashion news editor

"A real-life fairytale unfolded on the Dolce and Gabbana catwalk as Little Red Riding Hood skipped past Snow White and they explored the enchanted forest together. There was no need to be afraid because a whole army of brave D&G knights were strutting about the place in their shiny chainmail." Francesca Dunn, staff writer

"Obviously Jeremy Scott's magically delicious fast food fashion feast! Everyone should sail through the golden arches of Moschino to Bikini Bottom, eat lucky charms for breakfast and happy meals for dinner and don't worry about the nutrition, it's 2% fruit juice and 100% of your daily allowance... " Felicity Kinsella, assistant editor

"Jeremy Scott's first collection for Moschino, the most funkyoffish collection of all time. Obsessed!" Julia Sarr-Jamois, fashion editor at large

"I liked Marni for the colours, that blue against that red in particular. I liked Trussardi for its clever leathers, and baggy pinstripes, and Fendi, for its power and print, and No.21 for insisting upon glitter, but putting it next to beige." Sarah Raphael, deputy editor

"My highlight from Milan was Marni - everything about it! From it's first oversized silhouettes, to its considered and controlled ruffles and then the colours and patters. Go big, big, bigger with Marni!" Bojana Kozarevic, fashion assistant