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20 ways to survive fashion week by the BFC

For all seasoned fashion week insiders, the productions teams, PRs, designers and dressers, the cogs that make the machine go round, fashion week is a biannual test of strength and endurance, both physically and mentally. Seven days of long hours, little sustenance, manic highs, desperate lows and pure fashion magic. And that’s not even counting the fortnight beforehand! We at the BFC know a few things about getting through fashion week and getting through it in style, here lie our insider tips…

"Vitamin C tablets to fight off fashion week flu!" Rebecca Hoffman, Events Assistant

"Have a packet of oatcakes with you at all times so that you can grab a snack on the go." Narmin Mohammadi, Head of Showcasing

"Remember it’s PR, not ER!" Kimberly Carroll, International PR Manager

"Shoes, shoes, shoes! Bring every kind to the office- so when your feet start hurting in one, you change in to the other." Claire Burman, Events Assistant

"I can’t remember who said it but I once heard the best way to survive LFW is... 'Never refuse a bite to eat, a drink or an opportunity to go to the loo'. Personally I make sure that at least every other evening I locate the grottiest old man’s pub I can find, switch my phone to silent and then order a pack of pork scratchings and a pint of sanity (Guinness works best for me)." Jenico Preston, Head of Sponsorship

"Get some amazing eye drops to wake up tired peepers." Laura Hinson, Showcasing Manager

"Caffeine all the way." Victoria Peters, Projects Coordinator

"Carry a car phone charger and extra battery pack at all times. A phoneless person is a useless person!" Marcos Eleftheriou, Executive Assistant

"A different pair of shoes every day!" Caroline Rush, CEO

"A go-to shoe wardrobe under your desk and an endless supply of blister plasters." Emma Campbell, Showcasing Assistant

"Visit Yen's nails in Clapton for a nail fix pre- London Fashion Week." Charlotte Whitehead, Sales Manager

"Make sure you take a five minute breather – call your mum, listen to your favourite song on your iPod and stop and look at the world outside of the fashion bubble. Josef Jammerbund, Head of Events

"Apologise to your family in advance for the lack of contact they are about to receive!" Alex Woodfield, Events Manager

"Tom’s Kitchen’s smoked salmon bagels and Compeeds!" Sophie Bannister, Sponsorship Assistant

"Always carry a pair of flats/trainers with you…you need to look fabulous in heels however after 12 hours your feet need some comfort and rest!" Jennie Becker, Events Manager

"- Call timeline so you know the real time the shows are starting!!!
- Triple alarm devices in the morning for first shows.
- Keep 1 or 2 bags of nuts (unless you're allergic!) in your bag at all times, you never know when you'll have time to stop and eat.
- You don't need to carry water with you, you get it at every show
- Carry a car charger for your phone, even most black cabs will let you re-charge your phone while going from show to show


- Take Ginseng, Vitamin B12 and 1000 mg Vitamin C to keep running from show to show
- Change shoe shape, don't need to go from heels to flat as just changing shoe shape makes a huge difference
- Apply Weleda "skin food" cream (purse size), under your eyes, face, neck and hands you'll look as fresh as the morning.
-No scavenging on the floor for left over goody bags! It's not chic and I promise no diamond has ever been found in one!"
Barbara Grispini, Curator, LONDON show ROOMS Designer Brand Development Consultant

"Don’t wear new shoes!! Your feet will punish you severely!" Natasha David, Junior Projects Assistant

"Drink water.
Nike air max trainers help you to bounce from show to show.
Bring charging pack for your iPhone."

Clara Mercer, Head of Marketing

"Always pre-register for the designer showrooms and get your fast track pass. Stroll past the queues!" Sue Parks, Registration Manager

"In the run up to LFW I hand out Echinacea tablets like they are Smarties. Then I would recommend trying to plan at least the first day's outfit the night before and keep texting your friends in the outside world. They will laugh at your stories and help you keep perspective – this isn’t life or death, in actual fact it’s actually great fun once it starts." Gemma Ebelis, Head of PR