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10 reasons why the Alexander Wang show rocked

It may be cold and snowy on the streets of New York, but last night things were hotting up on the catwalk! After a relatively slow start to the week, everyone’s favourite Californian boy, Alexander Wang, showed his autumn/winter 14 collection at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Wang’s world is a highlight of New York Fashion Week, and this was no exception. Like an army of future warriors descended from the year 3000, Alex’s girls pounded the catwalk to Berlin techno at ferocious speed, making us temporarily forget we were in Brooklyn and not in Berghain! Here’s why we loved it so much…

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1. The coats – and there were so many to choose from! From boxy oversized sheepskins, to techno scuba wear and butter soft suede. Our favourites were the grey utilitarian outerwear complete with external pockets to ensure you’re equipped with all the ammunition you need to tackle the world.

2. The boots - we all know the quickest way to update your wardrobe is through jackets and shoes, and this season Alex Wang has you covered. His uncompromising over the knee boot is a hybrid between armour and a heel, what more do you need to tackle the mean streets of the world?

3. The music - hard, fast and uncompromising. It made the models pound the catwalk harder and the audience tap their feet faster. After show party anyone? The rum and ginger aperitifs were rather good too!

4. That hair - a combination of Ken Doll and Action Man, so perfectly slicked, so wonderfully wrong. It brings a whole new meaning to “not a hair out of place”.

5. The leather shirts – stiff architectural collars popped out beneath techno knitwear and coats to add a streamlined robotic dynamic. This season is harder, better, faster.

6. The knitwear – techno, techno, techno! Stitched and spliced together in acid colours and innovative fabrics, this was future fashion at its finest.

7. The venue – Ok it wasn’t ideal and we heard more than few mumblings along the way. But set in deepest, darkest Brooklyn, the vast expanse of the Navy Yard perfectly set the scene for Alex’s Bladerunner sci fi girls from the future.

8. The baggy leather rave trousers – swishing around the ankles and skimming the floor, with fluorescent drawstring waists, these leather trews looked like they’d danced their way right out of UK garage rave circa 2000 and we loved them!

9. The finale – just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, the lights went out and the world’s top supermodels appeared. Taking their place on a rotating circle around the stage, their laser cut leather coats, culottes and dresses were heat-activated and changed colours from yellow to purple, blue and green as the stage turned.

10. And last but not least, Mr Wang himself - who can fail to love the pint sized designer, who skipped onto the stage with long flowing hair and the world’s biggest smile to rapturous applause from an audience who were all secretly wishing they were one of his tribe.