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40 sentences about kate moss

Happy Birthday Queen Kate!

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1. Kate is adamant that she has never said, ‘I love you’ to someone and not meant it.

2. Kate wears a size six and a half shoe.

3. Kate’s earliest childhood memory is of her brother, Nick, being born.

4. Kate once fell in a ditch.

5. Kate bought her first ever record (which, incidentally, was by Wham!) with a gift voucher she’d been given for Christmas – bless.

6. Kate feels most relaxed when she’s at her home in the countryside.

7. Kate says “Ah... yes!” when asked if she has ever lost her door keys.

8. Kate confirms she has spookily seen a ghost, “on numerous occasions”.

9. Kate might be quids-in these days, but she can remember when she used to have to scrabble about for spare change down the back of the sofa, while sharing a gaff with photographer Corinne Day, many moons ago.

10. Kate’s best subject in her school days was English.

11. Kate’s favourite taste is that of thirst quenching Coca Cola.

12. Kate’s favourite book is The Last Waltz, by Zelda Fitzgerald, who was also a painter and dancer, and was married to F. Scott Fitzgerald, no less.

13. Kate’s favourite film is Splendor In The Grass, an early-1960’s tale of unrequited love, set in Kansas.

14. Kate’s favourite building is the famous KitKat Club, in Berlin.

15. Kate’s favourite flower is an English Rose...

16. Kate’s favourite midnight snack is a slice or two of cheese on toast.

17. Kate’s favourite sandwich filling is cheese and pickle.

18. Kate’s favourite tipple is a lovely Vodka and Tonic.

19. Kate’s favourite artist is Lucian Freud, who, of course, painted her back in 2003; the portrait was sold in 2005, for £3.93 million.

20. Kate’s favourite time of day is dusk.

21. Kate’s favourite cartoon character is the amorous-and-odorous skunk, Pepé Le Pew.

22. Kate’s favourite part of her body is her shoulders.

23. Kate’s favourite colour is green, but she can’t explain the reasoning behind it. “I don’t know why, it just is!”

24. Kate states, “I don’t have any bad habits”, when asked what her worst habit is.

25. Kate has been immortalised in paint, many times, by artist Stella Vine.

26. Kate has also been immortalised in gold, by artist Marc Quinn, whose shimmering statue of her is worth £1.5 million.

27. Kate has never stolen anything from a shop.

28. Kate has lent her support to different charities including Cancer Research UK, Elton John’s AIDS Foundation and War Child, among others.

29. Kate only likes having her photograph taken when she is working.

30. Kate’s ideal way to cook an egg is to boil it: “A perfectly boiled egg brings me such joy!” she confirms.

31. Kate reckons, on a scale of one to ten, that she is a six, in the vanity stakes.

32. Kate’s reckons her proudest achievement in life so far is giving birth to her daughter, Lila.

33. Kate is 172.72 centimetres tall, which is a bit small for a model, yes, but it would be churlish to make a big deal about that...

34. Kate prefers a reviving shower to having a soak in the bath.

35. Kate has no regrets.

36. Kate says, on the topic of forgiveness, “I forgive and forget, but find it hard to remember that I have forgiven?!”

37. Kate’s favourite meal to cook is a lip-smacking Sunday roast.

38. Kate is, she insists, very tidy. 

39. Kate would, if her house was on fire and she could only grab one object, save her jewellery box.

40. When Kate is asked if she likes i-D, she responds, “Do I like i-D? No, I adore it.”