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  • FOGO, or Princess Julia's Fear of Getting Old

    When I was 14 I was in a hurry to be an adult, at 18 I thought 25 was ancient, then when I got to 25 I thought I should be grown up but seemed to be rubbish at that. 30 seemed a long way away, and then suddenly I was in my mid 30s and panicking about being 40. Friends liked to say “But 40 is the new 30,” I've even said it myself and hated myself for using such a cliché. What is it about getting old that puts the fear into me? And what is it about the “age is just a number” turn of phrase? That really irritates me, age is a number - and a rapidly increasing one - there's no escaping that.

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  • norman jay is the good times carnival king

    We couldn’t have considered celebrating Carnival without including the legendary Norman Jay MBE, the man behind the iconic Good Times Soundsystem. If you went to Notting Hill Carnival anytime from the 1980s onwards, you had to pass through Good Times, the home of good music, good food, good people and good vibes. A veteran of Carnival since a child in the late 60s, the Ladbroke Grove born Soundman explains why, for the first time in its history, Good Times won’t be at Carnival this year

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  • bills, bills, bills: how girl power is tied to your bank account

    It has been fifteen years since Destiny’s Child sang “Can you pay my bills?... If you did then maybe we could chill.” The song’s message feels incredibly retrograde in this post-Lean In era of widespread check splitting and female autonomy. For many young women, especially in big cities, the idea of waiting for a man to take care of their bills is completely outdated.

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  • words of wisdom on getting old from sue kreitzman

    There's never a dull moment with artist, writer and Fabulous Fashionista Sue Kreitzman. Age "somewhere between mid-seventies and eternity," Sue is the perfect example of growing old gracefully and in the most fabulous manner possible. Here the London-based New Yorker gives some guidance to generations XYZ on what to expect when your hair turns silver. Colour me beautiful Sue!

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  • it's not easy being a princess, but if the clothes fit...

    Historically, the fashion industry seems to have defined itself as gloriously inaccessible by sustaining an atmosphere of hyper-glamour combined with desperately chic icons dressed in impossibly crisp clothing. Autumn/winter 14 has offered us something less fraught with alienation: the development of a new, girlish aesthetic and the antidote to the minimalist resurgence that has prevailed over the past few seasons.

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  • Fighting FGM, fighting inequality, fighting for freedom?

    During i-D Girl Week, girl power has ruled. Feminism (even anti-feminism), self-expression, choices by females - all have been celebrated. Girl power is loud and proud and yes, finally! The very fact that we are able to explore and tackle such a variety of issues, both male and female, shows that we are in the midst of greater (not sufficient just yet) equality and freedom. But what about those who aren’t involved in this? What happens when we realise that equality and freedom are still a foreign concept to young girls the world over, and instead of expression, they face violation?

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  • sexuality in the modern world

    It’s quite difficult writing about what it’s like to be an LGBT boy or girl in 2014. It’s a bit like writing about what it’s like to be a straight person in 2014. Or a human being in 2014. I’d even go as far as to say it’s harder to write about being LGBT now than ever before. Why? Because your sexuality no longer has to define you.

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  • the tomboy dilemma

    Now let us praise the tomboy and then let’s be done with her. After all, she’s been around for ages: from frontierswoman Calamity Jane to footballer Kelly Smith, from Amelia Earhart circumnavigating the globe to Danica Patrick circling the Indy 500. With a Hall of Fame graced by iconic images of Katharine Hepburn swinging a golf club and Lauren Hutton wrestling an alligator, to lesser-known inductees, like Theresa Wallach and Florence Blenkiron, the daring duo that rode a Panther motorcycle from London to South Africa in 1935 without even a compass. Globetrotters, trail blazers, and hell raisers, one and all, they are giants among men and women equally. That said, this being 2014, the label leaves much to be desired.

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  • is anti-feminism really a thing?

    The ‘I Don’t Need Feminism’ movement is taking hold across the blogosphere. But is this a terrifying step backward for women, or a radical rejection of an outdated concept? And wouldn’t the ultimate in feminism mean supporting these women’s voices?

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  • a guide to girls on film

    As it's i-D Girl Week and we're celebrating everything girl, Summer Camp singer Elizabeth Sankey gives you the low-down on her favourite female stereotypes to have graced the silver screen, from Heathers to Clueless, Disney Princesses and Manic Pixie Dream Girls.

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