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  • will facebook become the new home of ecommerce?

    Over the past couple of years increasing numbers of Gen Y fashion fans have joined the addictive cult of buying and selling clothes via Facebook groups to get the best pieces for the lowest prices and cut out the stores all together. It's one of the most practical examples of how the internet generation is creating its own opportunities.

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  • lfw joins the nipple controversy

    I see nips, here, there and everywhere - round ones, small ones, some as big as your head. Poking out from underneath sheer frocks at Simone Rocha, flashing their faces at Burberry, playing peek a boo at Barbara Casasola, out and proud at Christopher Kane, hiding behind pinstripes at Thomas Tait, hanging out at Marques Almeida, and nestling behind nipple tassles at Tom Ford, the sun must have had his hat on because for this LFW the nips were definitely out to play. To honour fashion’s celebration of the female nipple we cast our minds and our breasts back to Scout Willis and the infamous nipple controversy. Nip nip hooray!

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  • Hotel Love: Inside Japan’s Secret Fantasy Rooms

    2.5 million people a day visit a Love Hotel in Japan. And a new documentary Love Hotel is the first to take us behind the scenes of one of Japan’s 30,000 fantasy rent-a-rooms. Love Hotel unveils the inhabitants of these mysterious erotic spaces, from dominatrixes to geriatrics, or just ageing lovers rekindling their passion by watching old blueys unfold in multiple projections. We spoke to the film-makers, Hikaru Toda and Phil Cox, about these secret neon-lit fantasy rooms to rent.

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  • how jean paul gaultier changed fashion

    Since he founded his house in 1976, the industry’s one and only enfant terrible has thrilled, shocked and challenged fashion with his fusion of dramatic shows, subversive themes and incomparable craftsmanship. For nearly forty years, Gaultier’s provocative and culturally significant takes on sexuality, gender and religion have been wrapped in fashion’s most exquisite tailoring, and his signature blend of formalwear, sportswear, streetwear, military costume and lingerie. As Jean Paul Gaultier announces his retirement from ready to wear to focus on his couture collection, we examine how he didn’t just change fashion – but the world!

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  • can fashion help save the world?

    Forget what Netflix’s says; green might just be the new black. With a growing number of young individuals and brands in the fashion industry behind the sustainable cause, could the end of fast fashion really be on the horizon? Or is it just a load of hot air…

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  • are we being short changed by the currency of social media?

    Since the dawn of social media we’ve been told that online presence is tantamount to success. But is this still the case? With a growing number of industries favouring experience over profile, Nathalie Olah considers whether the currency of social media still holds any value.

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  • imitation hood by air is sweeping the streets of mexico city

    Following recent recognition in the form of an LMVH Prize and a particularly strong spring/summer 15 show this weekend, there’s no doubt that Shayne Oliver’s Hood By Air is bigger than ever and taking youth culture to luxury heights. But a strange trend has been sweeping the streets of Mexico City; imitation Hood By Air. i-D investigates…

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  • the next generation of street style

    On August 14th, via their respective blogs, photographer/bloggers Scott Schuman and Garance Doré publicly announced their breakup, and so an end to a seven-year reign as fashion’s street style power couple. As news spread, the internet fretted: Could this mark the beginning of the end of street style as we know it?

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