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  • the power of the love song

    Music can move us as much as an “I love you”. Sam Wolfson investigates the almighty power of the love song, from Amy Winehouse to Carly Simon and Karen O...

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  • the rise of the multi-talented multi-tasker

    The people making waves in fashion, art and entertainment today seem to continuously morph into new roles and industries, revealing a host of talents instead of one signature skill. A new generation of creatives is finding success as model-actor-writer-creative director hybrids. Is multi-tasking the only way to make a name for yourself in the creative industries today?

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  • what is love in the computer age?

    What is love when we’re all online, living out our relationships in front of everyone, from crushes to exes, to rivals? What happens when it all goes wrong – has the networked society made lovesickness milder, or bitterer than ever?

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  • A Loss Of Sensation — The YBAs in Crisis

    After 26 years of sell-out exhibitions, major retrospectives and art world domination, are the YBAs finally moving on and trying new things, or has the art scene just moved on and left them behind?

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  • why young artists are returning to drawing in the digital age

    If you survey the big museum shows opening alongside Frieze this year you’d be hard pressed to find much evidence of one of art’s most unsung and under the radar practices – drawing. Alongside the major retrospectives, big group shows and exhibitions of the old guard, it would seem the quietly unheralded art of drawing is still way off the art market’s radar. But look a little deeper and you’ll find young artists are picking up and experimenting with it in new and exciting ways.

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  • do we need a most influential teen?

    The legend of Kardashian. A tale for the ages, of one girl’s rise from wardrobe cleaner-upper to goddess, all under the watchful gaze of Momager Kris and a sarcastic commentary from sisters Koko and Kourt. The birth of a dynasty, continued in the first instance by younger sisters Kendall and Kylie, who have just been named two of the most influential teenagers in the world by Time magazine.

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  • The i-D guide to exhibition openings

    Frieze has just opened in London and the whole art world has arrived in town. You could go out every night and be treated to exhibition openings and after-parties where the free drinks flow on and on, and dashing, puzzlingly dressed people stand around in corners complaining about how they haven’t had any time to actually, like, look at any of the art. So how can you hold your own in this elitist art world and enjoy all the best parties? It’s the i-D guide to exhibition openings…

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