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  • the rise of the nerds

    Once upon a time, you’d find the cool kids at football club or smoking behind the bike sheds. Now, they’re more likely to be at the IT lab practicing their coding skills or designing an app. How did this happen - and in it, has youth lost its rebellious streak?

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  • why are we all so horrible to each other on social media?

    Why is it that while we’re more than happy to stand up for strangers on the bus, donate money to charity and weep over illiterate, orphaned donkeys, when it comes to our behaviour online - particularly among girls and young women - so many of us suddenly behave as though we’re marching in to battle?

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  • the i-D guide to growing old disgracefully

    Yes, I was there. And there. And there as well. Where’s ‘there’? Wherever there’s aesthetic, noise, anesthetic and boys - or anything more salacious friends of mine have dubbed ‘action’. Cue the sort of flashing lights continuity advisers caution the epileptic about. In more humorously reflective moments, I call it sceneworld: that strangely connected, fashionable, international, networked, nightclubbed-to- death place I’ve been living in since I was 14. If you’re reading this, you probably live here too, and none of us are getting any younger despite what Samuel Beckett called ‘the strides of physical culture’. From baby ravers to elderly punks, we’re united in a search for the innovative, turned on by the shock of the new, in awe of the groundbreaking and the unique. One of the worst things about hovering Zelig-like on the fringes of sceneworld is sooner or later you check yourself and realise the last half hour of conversation between you and another elder scenester is way too close for comfort to the lyrics of LCD Soundsystem’s Losing My Edge - and the yoof nearby are nodding at you with amusement and pity. The past is an interesting place to visit, of course, but no place to live – my advice in the face of advancing age is to kick off with a flourish and carry on regardless as that contradiction in terms, the experienced innocent. Here is our Top Ten cut out and keep guide to ‘Growing Old Disgracefully’.

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  • 5 things you should know about ITS…

    “It's about creating something that doesn't exist; something surprising, something unique,” says Carla Sozzani. “It's beautiful that young people have something to say... we should all have this.” The art lover, former fashion editor and founder of 10 Corso Como sits on the 2014 ITS Fashion Jury and, in the warm sunlight of Trieste, talks to i-D about the event we’re all here for. ITS (International Talent Support) is an annual fashion festival in the heart of Trieste, Italy. Currently in its 13th year, it stands as an international platform for fresh and emerging creative talent, offering thousands of pounds in prizes donated by Diesel, Swarovski, Samsung and YKK. However, here in Trieste, everyone is a winner.

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  • feminism 2.0 - the women who rule the web

    Social media has been changing our perception of women ever since we first logged on. Aside from square eyes, itchy fingers, and an obsessive-compulsive need to post pictures of everything we see, eat, and sleep with, has social media unleashed a new kind of sexist hell? Or has it actually brought about a sense of female empowerment?

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  • boyhood, the film everyone’s talking about

    Boyhood is the most talked about film of the moment, and Sean Baker, delves into the time capsule of Richard Linklater's new film, shot over twelve years using the same actors. Here's our five point, five star, review.

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  • the final word on feminism?

    In a blow to independent journalism and the women's movement as a whole, The Feminist Times closed this week leaving behind a gaping hole in uncompromising pro-female literature. With a tagline "life not lifestyle", we asked Deputy Editor Sarah Graham to explore the difficulties the publication faced and what it might mean for the future of feminism.

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  • #tbt - how technology will kill the music biz

    In 94 iTunes hadn't been dreamed of, Spotify was barely a figment of our imaginations and mp3 players an unrealistic dream, yet here at i-D we were dreaming about being freed by the Internet beaming music directly into our living rooms, and how free downloads and information terrorists were going to put all the record companies out of business. Take a trip down memory lane to i-D No.129, The Rock'N'Roll Issue.

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  • Chanel have taken you to the supermarket, now it's time to hit the gym

    Just like weather predictions at Glastonbury, Cheryl Cole’s love life, and the amount of time you spend on Instagram (varies between 7 and 11 hours a day), the tides of fashion are constantly changing. What was once more coveted than anything else in the world, something you’d sell your arm, leg, or family pet for, is now something you wouldn’t be seen dead in. Thanks to our click to buy culture we’ve been conditioned to consume everything in sight, and more quickly than ever before. Trends begin online or on the street, trickle onto the catwalk, and eventually end up in some half-price bin on the high street, while the rest of the world hungrily moves onto the next big thing. So, why then has Karl Lagerfeld’s swift shift from his supermarket themed catwalk show to his gym inspired ad campaign got the fashion world’s knickers in such a twist?

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