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  • is body shock the last hurrah for the modern female pop star?

    It’s been 10 years since Janet Jackson’s boob popped out at the Superbowl. That was an accident, but with today's league of pop stars resorting to shock tactics to get hits - Lady Gaga spewing paint, Miley Cyrus fingering Robin Thicke and even Madonna reduced to wacky grill wearing - is body shock the last hurrah for the modern female pop star?

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  • Outkast at Coachella, shut up and play the hits!

    The anticipation for Outkast’s Coachella reunion was set to super high this weekend. But did the duo disappoint with a performance that was heavy on the album tracks and light on the hits? Alya Mooro finds herself frustrated by a set that refused to consider the most important thing of all – the audience.

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  • 20 ways to have a banging summer

    The last day of March saw the clocks go forward, greedily snatching a hour of sleep right from under our heads - but every pillow has a silver lining... It also marked the official start of British Summer! It's time to leave the computer-lit dens of your home/office and embrace the sunlit great outdoors. Go to pool parties, dance on rooftops, drink a frozen margarita and have sex on the beach - and always make sure you whack on the fun factor 50. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Here are our 20 ways to make sure your summer is hot, hot, hot...

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  • how jean paul gaultier changed fashion

    This week, The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier opens at Barbican Art Gallery, marking the first major exhibition of the designer’s work on London soil. Since he founded his house in 1976, the industry’s one and only enfant terrible has thrilled, shocked and challenged fashion with his fusion of dramatic shows, subversive themes and incomparable craftsmanship. For nearly forty years, Gaultier’s provocative and culturally significant takes on sexuality, gender and religion have been wrapped in fashion’s most exquisite tailoring, and his signature blend of formalwear, sportswear, streetwear, military costume and lingerie. Jean Paul Gaultier didn’t just change fashion – he changed the world! And here are twenty reasons why…

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  • social MEdia: showing the world a perfect you?

    As Erica Albright says in The Social Network, "the Internet’s not written in pencil, Mark, it’s written in ink." Now, we may not be using this ink to reveal our girlfriend’s bra size, the German roots of her surname, or the fact that she’s actually a bitch (á la Mark Zuckerberg) but we are using it to carve out new identities for ourselves that we can share with our friends online. Tish Weinstock investigates...

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  • what does it really mean to be quiche in 2014?

    As totally quiche Private School Girl Ja’mie King once said, "you are so fat the fat doesn’t know where to go and it pops out your chest". Over the years, the fashion and porn industries have been responsible for perpetuating unrealistic ideals of female beauty. And we’ve been complaining about it ever since. So why, when confronted with alternate examples of quicheness, have some people recoiled in horror?

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  • 20 ways to wear logos

    The last few seasons have seen an epic return of 90s logomania in high fashion. From the Kenzo tiger to Christopher Kane's flower anatomy diagrams and the godmother of tongue-in-cheek branded garms, Moshino, everyone's buying into the instant gratification of these made-for-social-media designs. 90s logomania might have been associated with excessive consumerism but it's also what made fashion really fun, and as designers get nostalgic about a witty and humorous decade, we are once again all willing to brand ourselves and become walking bilboards. If you want to declare your undying love to your favourite designer then step through Moschino's golden arches and read our 20 easy ways to be a logomaniac...

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  • from model to mother, find out why these supermodel mums are truly super

    Amber Valletta, Kristen McMenamy and Stella Tennant’s beauty is like a fine wine, it improves with age. All three women were pivotal members of an elite group of models who were appointed ‘super’ status in the 1990s, due to the colossal amount of editorial, magazine covers, catwalk and advertising campaigns they secured. Fast-forward twenty years and Stella, Amber and Kristen are once again hot footing it down the runway (showing the younger girls how it’s done), wowing in glossy editorials and revisiting their winks as i-D cover stars. Amber, Kristen and Stella are older, wiser and know exactly who they are and what they want from life. Flick through the images in this portfolio to discover why else these supermodel mums are truly super...

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  • two dads are better than one, we explore the rise in same sex parenting

    As the same-sex marriage ban is abolished in England and Wales and the first gay couples prepare to say "I do," we explore how having two dads is not as unusual as it used to be. Increasing numbers of gay couples are choosing to have children, undeterred by what they have to go through - financially, legally and socially - to make it happen.

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  • scan it, print it, wear it: the future of fashion is 3D

    In the future you’ll be able to print your party dress at home, your T-shirt will be able to hug you, your clothes will clean themselves and models will just be holograms on the catwalk! Except wait… this is all happening right now. Innovation in fashion is developing at full speed, so what does the future look like?

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