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  • The Seductive Appeal of the Horror Film

    From Psycho to recent hit Annabelle, which had audiences rioting in France, we've always loved to be scared by horror films. Sophia Satchell-Baeza investigates the terrifying lure of the silver screen...

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  • Trick or Treat: i-D’s A-Z of Halloween

    It’s creepy and it’s kooky, mysterious and spooky, it’s altogether ooky, it’s All Hallows Eve. It’s that time of year when coffins creak open, spirits begin to awaken and the undead rise again to roam to streets. So let your spine tingle, your blood curdle, and your bones rattle, as we take a look at the A-Z of Halloween. BOO!

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  • what's fuelling our growing appetite for destruction?

    Limbs have been severed, blood has been spilt, and the undead have been called forth to come dance with the devil in the pale moonlight – whilst wearing their prettiest party frocks of course. To mark the passing of halloween we thought it an opportune time to turn to the dark side and dig up the disturbed from 2006's The Horror Issue...

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  • i-D’s Alternative Mercury Prize

    Tonight we see the coveted Mercury Music Prize bestowed upon yet another British or Irish talent for producing exceptional music over the past year. This year’s shortlisted nominees including 2012 i-D cover star FKA Twigs and her debut LP1, East India Youth, the irresistible self titled Jungle LP, Kate Tempest’s incredible literary composition Everybody Down and the straight up rock and roll, Zane Lowe championed Royal Blood debut. But we feel there are more albums that deserve to be celebrated! From Little Simz to Blood Orange all the way through to the Ed Sheeran (yeah, you read right), i-D’s staff bend the Mercury rules and pick their favourite albums (and EPs) of the year for our very own alternative i-D Mercury Prizes.

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  • say what? how the internet is affecting the slang we use

    The way in which language is recorded, understood and analysed has changed phenomenally since the internet. Even ‘omnishambles’, a neologism created this year, was being shouted in parliament and splayed across the front pages of newspapers months before it even made it into the dictionary. So how do these new words spring to life and go on to embed themselves in our rhetoric? Sam Wolfson investigates from 2013's The Alphabetical Issue...

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  • everyone's an artist on instagram

    Duchamp's 'Fountain' sprung a total change in the way we view artworks, but will Instagram have the same impact for the 21st Century that Dada did in the 20th?

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  • the power of the love song

    Music can move us as much as an “I love you”. Sam Wolfson investigates the almighty power of the love song, from Amy Winehouse to Carly Simon and Karen O...

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