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Best friends Adwoa, Alewya, Jazzy, Gala and Kesewa invite team i-D for a night on the town!

Adwoa, Kesewa, Gala, Jazzy, and Alewya look like they could be in some kind of dreamy 90s riot grrrl rock band, oozing with punk grit and pussy power spirit. Instead, they’re a group of best friends, new and old, hand picked from the dance floor or born into as family. As thick as thieves, there’s no place these girls would rather be than laughing, dancing, running, crying, and just generally being in each other’s company. Fiercely loyal, the bond of sisterhood runs deep. They’re a girl gang, a group of kindred spirits navigating their way through the whirlwind of life, just like generations before them. They’re young, they’re free and they’re having fun, but above all, they have each other.

How did you all meet?
Gala: Jazzy and I met at Stagecoach age nine. We then went to Bryanston at 13. I met Adwoa and Kesewa at her house. Adwoa was so shy when she was younger, she didn’t speak till 17! Alewya I met on a film I shot last year called Kids In Love.
Kesewa: I grew up with Adwoa and Jazzy. I met Gala through Jazz, and Alewya through Adwoa.
Adwoa: It’s a long story. Kesewa is my sister. Jazzy spotted me wonndering around school when we were seven - love at first sight. Alewya was on the dance floor and Gala I stalked when we were 13.
Alewya: I met Adge at a local shindig, Kes at a friend’s house, Jazzy when I was working at Boom Burger and Gala on the Kids In Love set.
Jazzy: I’ve grown up with Adwoa and Kesewa. Gala and I met age nine at Stagecoach and then we went to school together at 13. Alewya I met a couple of years ago when she was working at my brother’s restaurant Boom Burger

What were your first impressions of each other?
G: It was love at first sight!
K: Jazz is older than me, I always looked up to her when growing up. Gala is hilarious and upfront which I love! I bonded with Alewya because we both love to dance. Adwoa’s my big sis, so I loved her from day one.
Ad: I thought they were all badass bitches!
Al: Adge: positive vibes, Kes: positive vibes, Gala: positive vibes, Jazzy: positive vibes. J: Gala always had the best lunch box at Stagecoach. Adwoa and Kesewa are like family. Alewya – what a babe.

What’s the best thing about being a girl today?
G: Sisterhood.
K: Choices, lots of choices.
Ad: My boobs are still perky, I can dance until morning comes and I’m a single, independent woman.
J: Independent women.

If I were a boy...
G: I would fancy all my friends.
K: It would be easier to get dressed in the morning, but a little less fun.
Ad: I’d snog Jazzy, Gala, Kesewa and Alewya all at the same time.
Al: I’d think the same.
J: I’d roll out of bed in the morning and go. Sorry Beyoncé comes straight to my mind.

How would you describe your generation?
G: Ambitious, fun and carefree.
K: Got to love them because I’m part of it, but we’re far from perfect.
J: Fun and ambitious.

What happens when you all go on a night out together?
G: What doesn’t happen?!
K: I don’t remember, but I’m always laughing!
Ad: Lesbo love all night long. We are a girl gang who gets down and dirty.
Al: We always dance and laugh.
J: Yup, there’s a whole lot of fun and dancing!