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we've got the scoop on victoria young's hoops

From Gretchen Wieners' pair of really expensive white gold hoops to Foxxy Cleopatra's giant gold gleamers; hoops are big, bold and always a good decision. Wholeheartedly sharing our beliefs, Amber Atherton's My Flash Trash have teamed up with fashion director and super stylist Victoria Young on a shiny new collection of gold hoop earrings. A big deal to her since she first got her ears pierced aged 16, it's all about the hoop and as far as rules are concerned; the bigger the better. We caught up with the denim-obsessed beauty to discuss the collaboration and her longterm love of loop the loops.

How did you hook up with My Flash Trash?
I've known Amber for years. I shot her for LOVE after finding her in the back pages of Tatler - she was babe of the month!

What do hoop earrings mean to you?
If you dress like a mormon, as I do, hoops are a good way to sex things up.

Who wore them best: Foxxy Cleopatra or Marilyn Monroe in Niagara?
Foxxy Cleopatra.

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?
The huge hoops of course!

When did you get your ears pierced?
At 16 on Southend High St. I wasn't allowed before.

Do you remember your first pair of earrings?
Yes, they were little gold hoops!

How many hoops is too many hoops?
This is very dependant on the hairstyle.

What's your all-time favourite hoop earring look?
Any time that you can get them on rabbits is a happy day.

What're you working on right now?
i-D, more hoops and more holidays.