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Astrid Andersen's Copenhagen call to chat, chill, play, party, browse and buy

Grounded in daydreams of reality, Astrid Andersen is cultivating an enticing world that weaves luxury sportswear with sex, attitude, dance floors. From the show to the club, Astrid Andersen's beat is growing ever louder.

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Enthused by watching her British high street collaboration sell out in record time, Astrid Andersen explored Asia and discovered the softer side of her boy with soothing sunset hued, sumo inspired streetwear for spring/summer 15. "I want my boy to feel like he belongs to a very confident group of guys who don't care about general perceptions of masculinity and redefine these lines through their own empowerment," she disclosed backstage. This isn't a curious cult stalking the shadows, this is a triumphant tribe dancing on a turnt dancefloor. Today, Astrid opens the doors to her renovated showroom and invites these boys into her first standalone boutique. Set within her studio/showroom and situated on Jagtvej 19, an energy-filled enclave of Copenhagen, friends and fanatics alike are invited to chat and chill, buy and browse, play and party! 

Hosted by ASAP Nast and with DJ sets from ASAP J Scott and Pain O choKolat Soundsystem, tonight's after party at promises to seal this moment of success on the sweaty floor of Club Sunday and that's just how it should be. "THIS IS HOW WE PARTY! Cannot believe the love and support - basically we are gonna kill the club, come celebrate with us," she added on a recent Insta-invitation. This is Astrid Andersen. As the team apply the finishes touches to this brave new world, we caught up with Astrid to talk shop.

How does it feel to open your first retail and showroom space, not just in Copenhagen, but the world?
It feels like a very natural thing to do actually but now that its all set up I'm so nervous! 

You've had your studio on this street for a few years, could you introduce the location, who are you neighbours?
Yes I started out here on Noerrebro and I feel a deep connection to this area. It's the most multicultural area in Copenhagen and it's not as polished as the rest of the city. Somehow it feels more real here. 

What can customers expect when they visit on any given Saturday?
A space where you can go and share your interest in the brand and show support, we don't expect people to come to buy every time, it's also for the guys to come check out the entire collection, to find exclusive pieces and to just chill, have a chat, hang for a bit. 

How would you describe the space itself?
I wanted the space to look clean and represent the luxury element of my brand but to be located here completely away for luxury shopping and next to tanning salons and kebab joints. For me, these counter points is what inspires me in general. 

Are you looking forward to increased interaction with your fans and having a little world to make your own?
I look forward to having this space where we can meet and share our appreciation. These guys are the ones telling people about Astrid Andersen and they inspire me in their ways and it's a special moment to meet for everybody. 

Finish this sentence, 'first Copenhagen and then...
We celebrate!