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together PANGEA know how to party

As well as the former supercontinent, PANGEA started out with a handsome teen hippy from Cali named William. Having caught his first show, high school friend Danny - then an eyeliner wearing, AFI lover - joined him and took up the bass along with then ska-punk drummer Erik. Fast forward several years to a Capitol Records signing and they were politely informed by the legal dept that there was, ironically, too much PANGEA in the world. Adopting ‘together’, always and forever, the band/besties are taking their LA sound global.

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Along with their session guitarist, the trio play rock and roll but don’t let that confine them musically. “It’s kind of punky, sometimes heavy, sometimes garage… and once somebody called us bubble grunge, which we felt worked.” With their brilliant third album BADILLAC released earlier this year, shows are full of energy and attitude; breaking hearts, inspiring internal revolutions and showing teen fans the best night of their life. Hopping over from LA to London several times in the past month, we’ve got a feeling they might love us and can confirm that the feeling is mutual. We headed up to the flat above The Old Blue Last to chat to the ever-charismatic Danny and Erik while William quietly passed out in a back room. Cue inappropriate jokes, favourite LA hangouts and plenty of Game of Thrones fangirling. 

How are you finding the UK?
Danny: It’s been great! We had our first show here like a month ago and it was awesome. Hopefully tonight will be just as cool. We have competition though because the football is on.

What have you guys been doing on tour? Watching football?
Danny: We’ve been watching lots of Game of Thrones.

Are you up to date?
Danny: Yeah, totally. With Arya going off to study abroad in Bravos and everything.

If together PANGEA were GoT characters. Who would you be?
Danny: I did a quiz and apparently I’m House Tyrell.
Erik: I’d say I’m probably House Martell from Dorne, just because in the show they’re all Latino. William would be a fucking Lanister for sure. There was actually a period where he was pissing me off so I changed his name in my phone to Joffrey Baratheon.

What do you guys miss about the 90s?
Danny: I really miss the slime drops coming from the ceiling on Nickelodeon. There’s not much of that anymore.
Erik: I miss Are you afraid of the dark? and Goosebumps.
Danny: Before we came on this tour I was watching Goosebumps and that episode with Ryan Gosling came on! He’s like the main kid in one episode. It was pretty special.

You guys always have awesome artwork. Who do you use?
Danny: For the last two albums it was Penelope Gazin. She’s great. I went to college with her at Cal Arts. We just got a British artist to make our tour posters… Gordon Armstrong. A lot of it is just our friends.

If i-D were to go to LA, where should we hang out?
Erik: East LA – Echo Park, Silverlake, Highland Park, Lincoln Heights, Down Town, Chinatown.
Danny: You should go to Cha Cha Lounge. It’s like our home. We DJ there all the time and the bartenders are our buddies. Go see shows at The Echo or The Smell… RIP Church on York – they’re trying to keep it open though! The cool thing about LA is that every night of the week there’s a show going on.
Erik: You just need to have a car or use uber.

What’s the best party you’ve ever been to?
Erik: My 25th birthday party was pretty rad and very well documented in our music video for Offer. I don’t remember that much of it.
Danny: We got Erik a tequila handgun so he was shooting shots at people.

What’s the best/worst thing that’s happened to you when ‘under the influence’?
Danny: I woke up in the back of a random car once. It was at awesome fest in San Diego and I guess I blacked out and tried to make it to my own car, but I woke up at like 4AM and it was so foggy outside and it was so surreal and there was a child seat next to me and I was so confused. I sprinted to the hotel we were staying in and then found my phone in a ditch the next day.

Favourite movie of all time?
Danny: Jurassic Park. My dad took me to see it when I was in pre-school.
Erik: Back To The Future… No wait! Definitely Mighty Ducks 2.

Definitely not seen that. What’s the best feeling in the world?
Danny: I think it’s pretty obvious…
Erik: …what?

Danny: Yeah! Cumming! It’s pretty fucking great.

Finally, hit me with your best joke…
Danny: I only know one joke. Knock-knock.

Who’s there?
Danny: 9-11

9-11 who?
Danny: You said you’d never forget!

Danny: Yeah, it’s very American. Something else I like to do is get a fortune cookie and add ‘IN BED’ onto the end of the fortune. It works really well.
Erik: I remembered one! What’s brown and sticky?

I dunno…
Erik: A stick!

You’re on fire!