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dior homme spring/summer 15

Kris van Assche has found his at once really obvious and somewhat unlikely muse in Christian Dior himself, and for his second Dior Homme collection based on the life of the house’s founder, Kris followed him out of town.

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“The flower print is really this interpretation of him taking off and leaving Paris and going to the seaside and the countryside, and re-charging his batteries with artist friends and re-thinking it all and coming back full of energy,” Kris told i-D after the show, referring to the multi-coloured prints emblazoned on tailoring, shirts, and trainers. “It’s art being interpreted by street art and actually becoming, on top of tailoring, street tailoring,” he said, summing up the ethos of Dior Homme, which was founded some forty years after Christian Dior’s death.

A beautiful handwriting print was taken straight from the Dior vaults where Kris had been snooping around reading the old couturier’s letters. “The collection comes from Mr Dior himself. It’s literally his handwriting, his signature, as if he was there all over the collection,” he noted. The letter was about the importance of tradition, and while it was written half a century ago, Kris saw a parallel to modern times. “It’s about how tradition is the flower of our civilisation, which is so accurate. In times like ours I feel like there’s a real need for luxury and fashion that can make people dream,” he said. The fusion of tradition and fashion was cleverly portrayed in the collection where conservative tailoring was contrasted with graphic stripes, and an electro soundtrack featuring Chris & Cosey’s Mary.