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cerruti spring/summer 15

Cerruti takes us on a road trip from Palm Springs to L.A., throw away the map and get lost.

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The new Cerutti 1881 collection captures the freedom of travel and adventure. Aldo Maria Camillo explores the Cerutti style, which is toughness but with playful touches. Flowing prints under oversized fluid tailoring, upside down socks and colour blocked touches in lemon, sage, electric blue and orange. It was athletic but not in an obvious way. No speedos or plastic parkas but just an inherent sportiness. Voluminous dust coats, bombers and parkas. The long flowing shirts really brought a new ease into tailoring, flowing and airy but still masculine and wearable.
The show was innovative but held on to the traditional aspects and spirit of the brand. Usually brands struggle to balance the classical with the extreme but this was a clever middle road. Wearable, exciting, very shootable. The boys were handsome and captivating, elegantly cross-referencing surfer with city dweller. Really living the dream, who after all doesn't want to escape to the beach at the end of a hard day? Sensual and palpable, rip up the map and go your own way. It's always the most fun.