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emporio armani spring/summer 15

Black trousers, slicked-back hair , leather jackets, plenty of layers? The summer isn't all about board shorts and Hawaiian shirts for Emporio Armani.

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The graphic two-tone look of a black and white top with broken-up stripes, black trousers, and slicked-back black hair set the tone for a stark Emporio Armani collection, which could easily have been a tribute to what’s known around the shows as ‘summer goths’: show-goers, who can’t quite come to terms with the blazing sun and pile on the black and the layers in emo summer denial. There was of course nothing gothy or emo about the Emporio Armani show, but with his lightweight but still extensive tailoring and lack of colour Giorgio Armani found common ground with the type of man who doesn’t easily surrender to life poolside. Black and white stripes played special guest stars in the collection, and seemed to get bolder by the look, developing from a thin variety on a t-shirt and a shirt to full-blown mega stripes on leather jackets. It was Armani’s take on the flamboyance and fun of summer, and a clear, refreshing statement that the sunnier side of the year doesn’t always have to be about board shorts and Hawaiian shirts.