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sibling spring/summer 15

'You’ve got your mother in a whirl, she’s not sure if you’re a boy or a girl. Hey SIBLING, your hairs alright. Hey SIBLING, lets go out tonight! We like dancing and we look divine!' With fluff, bones and plenty of hair; punks, goths and rockabillies strutted a confident walk of shame for SIBLING while musing the only life mantra worth having; ‘VOGUE, VOGUE, POPPERS, VOGUE.’ We caught up with Sid, Joe and Cozette, the dream team behind everyone’s favourite pom-pom headed fashion monsters, post-show…

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Tell us about The Fan Club…
Joe: It’s about that age where you feel like an outsider and try to find your tribe. The title of the collection is taken from a club that I worked at in the 80s/90s where all the little cliques of outsiders would get together and have a magnificent time and sneer at the outside world from within their protective walls. We used the motifs of the uniforms that people wear – hoodies, tracksuits, motorbike jackets, denim jackets.

What tribes did you three belong to?
Joe: I was a miserable goth.
Cozette: I tried to be a punk but was too young for it so it didn’t really work.
Sid: I was a happy crafter! Always making my own clothes.
Cozette: Did you wear Kickers Sid?
Sid: I wore Kickers and high-waist dinner trousers and pirate shirts.
Cozette: New romantic!

Do you think you would’ve all got on back then?
Cozette: Oh god yeah!
Sid: We’ve been great friends now for the last 20 years or whatever.
Cozette: We’ve had dinner together every night this week so we’re like our own little gang.

How would you describe your gang?
Cozette: One big happy family. Oh no! Sid might cry!

And were you actually in any fan clubs?
Sid: I was in the Garfield fan club.
Cozette: I was in the Duran Duran fan club.
Sid: I doubt Joe was…
Cozette: No, it might have been Sisters of Mercy or something like that. He’ll kill us for that! Or maybe Sigue Sigue Sputnik?

Do you remember your first concert?
Cozette: Kid Creole and the Coconuts. I was about 15, got pulled up on stage by Coati Mundi and ended up doing a bit of a can-can!

What’s your favourite look from the collection?
Cozette: I really love the black crochet tracksuit with the matching hand-crochet apron. The work in that is absolutely incredible. But then the giant pom-pom heads and things are just us.
Joe: We’re really happy with this show. We achieved what we set out to do.

And what was that?
Joe: It was what we see as the duty of every outcast teenager - to dress like an idiot. All those things that we did! When our skin was at its most beautiful and lush, we caked it with make-up and when our hair was naturally glossy and beautiful, we crimped it and hairsprayed it and when people sneered at us down the street it might actually have been because we looked like idiots. That’s what the last two pom-pom looks are about. ‘I am the bees knees, and if you’re laughing then you just don’t get it!’