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christopher raeburn spring/summer 15

It just keeps getting better for fashion's finest reducer, reuser and recycler. Inspired by the unwanted military aircraft stored in the hauntingly, beautifully named Desert Boneyard in Arizona, Christopher Raeburn's latest collection was looking fly...

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From the assemble-at-home airplane invitations to the aircraft motif plaingcards and reworked fighter pilot flightsuits, it was obvious from the start that #jetlife was the main theme running through Christopher Raeburn's spring/summer 15 show. In true Raeburn style, graphic and playful was combined with sustainable as he turned Swiss military rain capes into translucent bombers and knotted flightsuit drawstrings together into desert tortoise (this season's mascot) type protective backpacks. Contrast that with a delicate Japanese floral print and you're all set to fly, lets fly away!

Tell us a bit about The Desert Boneyard...
It's a US military installation out in the Arizona desert and at any one time they store around 4000 military jets, helicopters, cargo planes, pretty much everything you can imagine. Because it never rains the stuff doesn't rust. What really fascinates me is that they don't just take them there to destroy them, it's about how they can reuse the parts - how they can restore the planes and put them back into service and as we do a lot of reusing and recycling of fabrics, there's quite a nice synergy I think.

Have you been there?
No, I've not actually. Normally we try to, but this time there was a lot of research done from here.

All the amazing woven green pieces- what were they recycled from?
That's all recycled mixed fighter jet suits. It's all quite conceptual.

How did the flowers fit into it?
I think it's really important to have that kind of alchemy in the collection. We always try and balance the graphic with having something a bit more playful and I really like the fact that it's slightly weathered down and washed out floral print. Actually if you feel the fabric, it's like a paper touch - really light-weight, done by a company called Komatsu and they're one of the best companies in the world for that type of fabric. It was really about binding all those things together.

What's your favourite piece?
I'm quite biased, I really like the block sweat jumpers. Sometimes doing the simplest things is the most difficult. I'm really pleased with those, and also the mixed stuff as well. but it's been a really good collection because we've done so many new things as well, it's difficult, it's like choosing your favourite child - I don't have children but I imagine that's what it feels like!