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10 reasons imperfections are beautiful

Scars, albinism, gap-teeth, freckles, big ears - where would Lara Stone, Shaun Ross and Adwoa Aboah be without their so-called flaws? It's the little details that makes us who we are and, as the Backstreet Boys once said, what makes you different makes you beautiful. One of the fashion industry's go-to make-up artists, Lucia Pica has a style inspired by people with personality and a strong belief that imperfections are beautiful. Here she tells us why...

1. It creates character and attitude.

2. Imperfections sometimes tell a story.

3. It can convey personality. 

4. I think it shows a certain courage and strength in someone to have the confidence to show and embrace their flaws.

5. In photographs imperfections can help to convey a mood, an emotion.

6. They create diversity.

7. Things you may have hated as a child like a 'gap tooth' or an abundance of freckles you can learn to love as you get older. It's about self acceptance.

8. I feel like it's important to embrace the changes that come with age, those kind of imperfections can also be beautiful. 

9. The perception of beauty is also defined by cultures so can't really be universal.

10. Imperfection can be hard to define so this allows the individual viewer to have their own perception of what is and isn't beautiful.