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magic carpet skateboard riding with james edson’s persian rugs

James Edson - skater, artist, photographer, founding member of P.W.B.C and owner of East London’s Wayward Gallery - has so much going on in his life that it seems simpler to tell people that he’s an astro projectionist. Currently prepping for tonight's launch of the next instalment of his Persian Rugs zine with an exhibition at 71a gallery in Shoreditch, the Sheffield-born talent took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to fill us in. Going hand in hand with the publication, the exhibition will reflect the DIY aspect of zine culture and skateboarding by featuring a collection of black and white portraits and action shots alongside a series of films he has made. Grab the zine! Join the crew!

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When people ask, how do you describe what you do?
I tell them I’m an astro projectionist. 

Tell us about Persian Rugs...
It’s a zine that I make from time to time. This is the third issue and a bit more well produced than the other two - a bit more book like. 

Where did the name come from?
Someone told me it was cockney rhyming slang for drugs. 

Do you use film or digital? What camera do you shoot on?
Film - a Contax G1 with 45 mm lens. It’s nice.

What makes a good subject?
It depends what you're into I suppose.

Why should people come see your exhibition?
There's free rum and my mums coming. 

Why 71a Gallery rather than Wayward?
It seems a bit self indulgent to do a show at your own gallery, it would be like being pro on your own skateboard company. Plus, it’s nice to be asked. 

What's going on with Wayward Gallery at the moment?
I've slowed it down a bit this year and going to do a few outdoor projects in the summer, maybe some film screenings in different locations. 

Do you feel like you're achieving everything you set out to do when you first opened the gallery?
I didn't really have a plan in the first place. 

Which young skaters are you into right now?
Blondey is doing it.  

What's your favourite photograph that you've ever taken?
All of the ones that remind me of nice things. 

If you have a day off, what do you like to do?
Sleep and eat.

Persian Rugs by James Edson is open Thursday 8th May 6-9pm

View photographs from the zine in our gallery

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