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gorgon, the mythical city of house music

They made their mark with the Yasmin featuring Real, but it’s last month’s single with teen pop wunderkind MNEK that saw the pair topple the charts with Ready For Your Love. Known originally as individual DJ’s and producers, Foamo and RackNRuin came together to create the mythical city of Gorgon after discovering a mutual love of all things house.

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What are your names?
Kai Gibbon and Matt Robson-Scott

Music producers and DJ’s. Or ‘We make music’.

How do you describe your sound?
We usually say House. It’s a broad term but when you get shoved into a subgenre it’s hard to get out of and that’s detrimental to your sounds and you as an act. The music we make is different to the music we DJ, which is more clubby, heavier, deeper, techno-ier – if that’s a word!

What’s the album saying?
I think it will show a whole body of work. It’s important to show what we like in the club within the album; there will be a lot more clubbier influences on the album. We’ve been concentrating more on the vocal tracks and then we’ll concentrate more on the instrumental tracks which will encompass the entire vision of Gorgon City.

Which is?
We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we like to have fun. We don’t stand at the decks rigid, we like to have a party while we’re playing. I guess Gorgon City is a place that doesn’t really exist. But it might exist soon. In our heads (laughs).

What’s the wildest party you’ve played?
A lot of the Black Butter parties – the third birthday at Oval Space was pretty huge. Ibiza was a big one. We played at Idris Elba’s night at Pikes Hotel, that was nuts. He’s a machine.

Who are your style icons?
Matt: Catherine from the Alpines, she styles herself really well.

Secret crush?
Matt: Jessica Alba and Halle Berry were big ones when I was younger.

Karaoke song of choice?
Matt: Dirty Old Town, The Pogues.
Kye: Wonderful Christmas Time, Paul McCartney. Those synths…!

Worst job you’ve ever done?
Kye: I’ve had two; pushing trolleys around Sainsburys in a high-viz vest and then also I worked for a company that designed sewage factories. I used to put all the pipes together on a screen but then sometimes I’d have to do on-site visits where, again, I’d get the hig-viz on and walk about the sewers. Dark days.

Favourite TV character?
Matt: Dirty Den.
Kye: Brian and Stewie’s relationship is pretty great.

Who are you tipping for 2014?
MNEK and a lot of people we’ve been working with, including Bipolar Sunshine. We’ve also been working with a female singer called Liv, then Omar (the Omar!) and Maverick Sabre.

How do you hope to change the future of music?
Hopefully we’ll make a dance album that sounds fresh. I think our album is mainly house but it is quite diverse and it doesn’t sound like anything else out there that’s been done before.

Ready For Your Love is out now