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caroline brasch nielsen, from farm girl to fashion star!

Caroline Brasch Nielsen is flawless. She's got lips that are in a constantly natural pout, gorgeously defined cheekbones and a perfect little up-turned nose that every girl wants. She grew up on a farm in Denmark and two weeks after she was spotted at a pizza joint in her hometown, she was in Paris - tearing down the runways of the most influential designers in the world, with Balenciaga as her first show. She went on to book their Fall 2010 campaign as well as ads for Marc Jacobs, Valentino and most recently Chloé. Now Caroline is signed to Storm, has her own apartment in Copenhagen and 70,000 followers on Instagram - all at only 20 years old. Oh Caroline, you're mighty fine!

How were you discovered? 
I was 15 and out shopping with some friends, we stopped for pizza and while queuing there was a guy who kept starring at me. At first I thought it was because I had spilt something or had something stuck in my teeth - but in fact it was my future mother agent about to scout me!

What do you for fun when you’re not modelling? 
I use to own a horse, so that took up all my spare time, but once I started modeling I didn’t have the time to do both – but luckily a lot of my friends still have horses, so when I am not working or travelling I will go riding with them.

What’s your career highlight so far? 
It is hard to pick one thing, but I guess it would be shooting the fragrance campaigns for CK1, Chloé and Fendi (coming out very soon) – oh and the CK1 make-up campaign of course!

Who are your best model friends and what are they like? 
I have a few. My flat mate in New York is Josefine Skriver, a fellow Dane and model - she is such a sweetheart, she doesnt have a bad bone in her body haha.. And then there is Jac and Frida whom I have known since the beginning of my career - They took me under their wing during my first season when I was a scared and all alone hahahah. I love them for that.. and because they are crazy, in a good way! Another close friend is Tilda - because she is my crazy twin from another mother. It is so nice to have found people who are as crazy as I am haha!

What do you think about comparisons to Victoria Beckham? 
I am very flattered. I think Victoria Beckham is a beautiful – not to mention a talented, sweet and amazing woman! I have done her show a couple of times now and it is always a pleasure to work for her. Recently I did an editorial for French Vogue where I had to imitate her – that was a lot of fun, and I liked to be in her shoes for a day!

If you weren’t modeling what do you think you would be doing? 
I would defiantly still be horse riding, and then maybe acting or be a stylist (if I was good enough that is haha).

What was it like growing up on a farm? 
It was really fun and very different. So beautiful and nice in the summer – but sometimes in winter when it was snowing and freezing cold and got dark at 4pm, it was a lot of hard work with the horses. But I would never want to be without the experience of living on a farm with my horses and my family – that is for sure!

What were you like at school? 
When I was younger I was really shy, so I found it hard to open up and talk to anyone, but luckily that changed as I got older and I made some great friends I still see all the time. 

When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? 
I didn't really think about it too much - the only thing I had in my head back then was horses horses horses haha!

Are you in love? 

Who and where would your dream date be? 
Honestly... I HATE dating, it makes me really nervous - the more I like the guy the more nervous I get! So I am usually a wreck by the time we meet, and that is not always the best start… haha!

What are you most insecure about? 
A lot of things. But then aren't we all? 

When do you feel most sexy? 
I feel really sexy when I have my Hugo Boss suit on.. I think it's extremely sexy when women wear men's clothes - obviously it has to be in a feminine way.

What TV programs do you watch? 
I don't really watch a lot of tv to be honest, but I like watching the news in the morning – I also like Breaking Bad and of course Sex & The City!

Where is your favourite place in the world and why? 
I love love love going to Outria, Jamaica. My grandmother lives there in the most beautiful house right on the sea. All you do when you are there is relax, go to funny little flea markets and eat tasty food – and the climate and nature is so beautiful and amazing, honestly I could go on and on!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 
Uhh, I hate that question... to be honest I don't even know were I see myself next week LOL. But if I had to try and answer, I dream of being a fashion editor at French Vogue – or maybe even i-D, all wishful thinking at this point, but one can dream. And someone once told me to dream big, so I am :)


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