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JC de Castelbajac - creativity is magic

France's Jean-Charles Castelbajac is known for his abstract cartoonish collections, his obvious references to art and his cult celebrity following. In fact, he has created clothes for everybody from John Lennon and Lady Gaga to Pope John II. Ahead of today's autumn/winter 14 show, we caught up with the designer to talk Disney, retro-futurists and his new collection, SPORTSOIR.

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What did you have for breakfast?
A glass of squeezed lemon juice with tepid water, while listening to Love Letter by Metronomy and opening my mail. 

What have you enjoyed most about Fashion Week so far this season?
Working and editing my collection day after day with my team and working on the soundtrack with Mr No - it's a remix of an Andy Cato song. Also, seeing my sons who arrived from the USA and my friends from all over the world at the Purple magazine dinner.

Which new designers excite you?
The 'retro futurists'. J.W Anderson in London and Jacquemus in Paris - they are pure, radical, experimentals and they don't indulge in 'Karaoke'.

Who is your all-time favourite artist?
Stanley Kubrick.

What is your favourite example of trompe l'oeil?
Miragemetropolis, the installation I am doing in downtown Dubai, starting March 20th. I am creating a blurry illusion in the center of the city.

Are you punk or rock and roll?
Punk in spirit, rock n roll in attitude.

Top 3 most inspirational people you've ever met?
André Courréges,
Ralf Hutter and Florian from Kraftwerk,
Malcolm McLaren.  

Which of your collections do you look back on with fondest memories? Why?
I don't look back and I have no favorites in my 10,000 piece archive collection. Each of them is a little piece of me.

Tell us about your new collection....
SPORTSOIR is about transformation, my bright pop side and extravaganza combining to become a perfect garment, which like some pills make you feel powerful, different and happy. It is my challenge after 40 years of design.

Is AW14 inspired by any artists/movements in particular?
Meret Openheim, a brilliant surrealist feminine artist.

If JCC AW14 was a Disney character, who would it be?
Cruella de Ville from 101 Dalmatians, because I used fur.

If YOU were a Disney character, who would you be?
Mickey Mouse in Fantasia: creativity is magic.

How will you celebrate after your show?
Drinking 700, my son's armagnac, and then going to Sweden and Dubai with the ones I love.

What's the plan?
To have the best show! Then I will continue to work on a big painting I’m doing for my next show with Paradise Row gallery in London.