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Simone Rocha's Dizzy New Heights

Simone Rocha's autumn/winter 14 show was a punk-Elizabethan fanfare filled with teenage Mary Tudors and seductive Anne Boleyn's...

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There is something so intriguing about watching a young designer develop and experiment with their craft. For some it can be a bumpy ride with ups and downs as each season passes, but not for Simone Rocha. This is one designer that can't seem to put a furry heeled foot out of place. She is growing to new heights and taking some exciting risks along the way. This season, Simone took us to new places intertwining inspirations of Elizabethan rebel-girls rocking yellow snake and pony skin. We caught up with Simone for a chat after the show.

You mixed a lot of different references - Elizabethan, tartan, metallic - where did these come from?
I really wanted to play with fabrics because of autumn/winter and play with different densities. I thought there was such strength to those Elizabethan fabrics, I wanted to develop them myself and make new versions of them using Tulle with bonded wool, and make them into some else.

How important is it to you to keep it a little bit sexy?
I think it's really important, it's young and it's youthful which is signature to what I do and when I make something I always want something to cut through it.

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?
I really want the first coat from the first look... just to wear casually for doing my groceries!

The hair and the gold leaf was a little bit tribal, how did that fit in?
We wanted the girls to be really strong but also kind of real.