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Roksanda Ilincic, Belgrade babe

The stunning Roksanda Ilincic sent a shimmering collection strutting through the Old Sorting Office yesterday morning. Moving amongst a futuristic Gary Card-designed set, key colours were red, blue and nude, with gold belts shining proud like armoured corsets. i-D's very own Serbian, Bojana Kozarevic, chats to her homegirl about heritage and experimentation.

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You’ve always got a very strong colour palate. Tell us about your choices for AW14?
It was much more subtle but at the same time it had this element of orangey-red and at times gold too. I wanted to experiment with something new and different.

Were you pleased with Gary's set?
Gary, as always, is amazing. He started at four yesterday and worked all nights on it. I wanted to create a contrast between something very feminine and something futuristic, masculine and unsettling. So when you all walked in, there were quite intense strobe lights.

Embroidery featured fairly heavily. Do you have a favourite piece?
There are two sections of embroidery but my favourite is the one we call the M&M dresses, they’re like little sweets.

You're often inspired by artists. Who's work influenced this collection?
Mel Bocnor and Jessica Stockholder. I discovered them very randomly, which is how I always like to discover my artists. I start with someone a bit more famous, who I know and who I studied about then I go deeper and deeper and discover other people who are not as well known but are just as interesting and excited.

I’m Serbian too and I know the crazy mentality there. How do you echo that, whilst sticking to your structuralism and all of these strict shapes that are almost the opposite?
I think I’m all about the juxtaposition and making these contrast. I’ve always loved this. Even in fabrics, I like mixing very thick fabrics with silks… and even when it comes to proportions. It’s a good balance because I can bring everything from Serbia too, all that romanticism, and kind of marry the two.