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lucas nascimento's disco diva

Lucas Nascimento is growing into his brand more and more - that is to say, he is steadfastly becoming more and more confident in his celebration of women, their power and their gorgeousness! i-D went backstage to talk the 70s, Veruschka and grrrlll power.

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Why Veruschka as the main muse?

Because she's gorgeous! I was doing research and looking at old editorials and I got very attached. I was blown away by her strength- she's so interesting and her mind is great. What is behind the looks is very important for me. 

So you like to dress for the personality? 

Yeah, definitely! That's the most important thing! 

So who is the Lucas Nascimento woman? What are her qualities? 
Well, I think women nowadays are really powerful. They're so independent...it's definitely different from what it used to be. I know I have referenced the 70s, but we are in the time of a new woman, a new take. The women of today are brilliant, they do great things...I love women!

Well with this collection you've dressed them really well! Especailly with the leather suiting! Where did that come from? 
Leather is a step forward for me, it's an introduction into new materials for me rather than just knitwear. Kintwear is my main thing, I love working with all those yarns and jacquards but I feel like there is something else I want to work with and paly with. It's exciting and I love the challenge. This season, I learnt a lot how to treat all the materials, how to combine them together. I played with raw edges, finishings and details - I love the smallest details.  

Your coats too, they were especially powerful on the catwalk.
Yeah, that was a big introduction for me! One thing i have to say is, i got really excited by this idea of big outerwear. Last season was very calm, and I wanted things this season to be bigger and better. 

Is creating a big and exciting energy important for you? 

Definitely. Veruschka for me was exciting, the music for the show was exciting... I wanted to create a party scene and vibe for all. We all want to have fun at the end of the day, no?

So is this why the 70s were a big reference? Do you think this decade is the best one for its party power? 
I think it's a new take on the 70s, it's what I said before about the new woman and a new, fresh take. The 70s had a great vibe to them and it wa san experimental for the freedom and expression of woman. So I wanted to create a new vibe that references the energy and energy of that. 

And that you did! See you in Studio 54!
Haha, see you there!