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ohne titel's urban armour

The world would be a better place if all the single ladies exclusively wore head-to-toe Ohne Titel, specifically the leathers, metallics, and knit-heavy collection that pumped down the Milk Studio runway this afternoon.

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Knits can be really unfortunate - don’t often get to sit at the fabulous lunch table in the fabric department with the neoprenes and the leathers. But Ohne Titel are geniuses, uniting the cool kids (neoprene, leather, waxed fibre) with the normals (knits), sort of like how Cher from Clueless essentially fashion adopted Tai, quickly resulting in Tai becoming the leader of the vapid, but really well dressed, pack. Then there was the immaculate colour palette - an oxblood knit dress, navy jacquard jackets, black leather and white thigh-high boots. We pulled it together and headed backstage post-show to chit-chat with one half of Ohne Titel, Flora Gill.

The collection is really wearable, but in a street style photographer-approved sort of way...
I feel like this is a very wearable collection too. Very wearable but it still has a punch, for sure. It’s all about texture this season. You saw the pieces hanging behind the runway by artist Kasper Sonne - he does these beautiful pieces with layers of different handpainted carpeting, and he also does these really great punched metal pieces. We wanted to have both of these elements - we had these layers of different types of fur together, the tufted knit... There’s also a liquid metal section, and it’s actually all knitwear. It’s foil printed and it almost acts like liquid. It sort of moves on the body.

The thigh-high kicks are going to be flying off the shelves…
I hope so! Especially the metal ones - they’re so armor! They’re incredible.

Is it fair to say that Ohne Titel has quite the penchant for leather?
Oh yeah! We did these great jackets that are leather and neoprene actually. The neoprene has this great structure but then the leather is almost a more classic perfecto jacket, but colorblocked and with these different fabrics.

Your front-row was so girl power today, ranging from nightlife empress Sophia Lamar to blogger Susie Bubble to Visionaire’s Cecilia Dean.
I know! They’re our customers, they’re people who love our clothes, they’re people who are inspiring individuals. Honestly, I love when women put their own individual vibe into it. That’s what I design for - I want a woman to let herself shine through. I don’t have a dream woman to wear our clothing, for me it’s all about individuality. And I just want strong, individual women to wear our clothes.