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band of outsiders never looked so in

Dedicated to the death of the print media, Scott Sternberg dressed his models as high-end newsboys. We get nostalgic with the Band of Outsiders designer...

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It's a chilly Sunday morning (10 a.m. to be exact) in Soho and the city that never sleeps seems to be, well, sleeping. That is until entering the Band of Outsiders menswear presentation, which was not held at a gothic church or a garage park, but at the cleared-out Band of Outsiders' store. Luckily for those suffering fashion week fatigue, coffee and pastries were provided and the background music were the super soothing, clicks of a typewriter. Why a typewriter? Scott Sternberg dedicated the autumn/winter 2014 collection to the death of the newspaper. RIP New York Times. This translated to models dressed up like high-end 'newsies.'  Polka-dotted suits were paired with high-tops and leather gloves but it was the ombre, dip-dyed, corduroy shirt caught our eye... We had a quick chit-chat with fellow coffee fan, Scott Sternberg.

There were so many parties last night, but it’s still a packed house this morning...
Oh no! Is everyone just wrecked? We have the women's show at four and it felt like, you know what, just do it all at once. I like this - a breakfast, 10 a.m., keep it mellow, no pounding fashion music, and it's in my store man!

Any pre-presentation rituals?
Well, I drank at least a bottle and a half of wine which was tough because it was the morning.

We're assuming this is sarcasm, but anything goes during fashion week…
I'm pretty anxious probably leading up to the show because there's so many moving parts and it's a very linear process - you can't get one thing done without the other thing happening first. So just lots of coffee. I'm just chilling out, my parents are here…

Describe your collection in five words...
The death of the newspaper. Yeah!

How did you decide on casting?
We're doing a rotation today -- we only cast eight guys, so you can be super focused and have the models do exactly what you want them to do. It's funny, we haven't done a mens' show or presentation for three or four seasons, so I hadn't dipped my toe in the casting pool for a while. It's an editing process.

The hair's really on point too.
Well you know, the key is you don't have a hair person doing the hair. You just have them show up. And they rarely shower so that's good. I'm sure they stayed up all night, but they're all young too. The allure sort of goes away when you get up and sort of smell them.