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a stellar collection and an engagement, we meet up with suno

This season, Suno’s Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis were inspired by the work of super snapper Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert. We find out more...

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You can immediately recognise the Suno girl: she’s fearlessly into (see also: lives for) zany prints and creamsicle colours, her favourite store (see also: second home) is Opening Ceremony, her go-to fashion week jam is still Losing You by Solange, who basically wears the brand exclusively. Actually, not so fast! The Suno girl had a major (Roma gypsy-inspired) reinvention on the runway last night. In short, there was a ready-to-rave sparkling sleeveless hooded dress, after-the-rave cotton candy eye make-up, and super straight hair featuring a rave-friendly gilded middle part. Yes, the part was golden, a day-of-show choice according to Erin Beatty. We caught up with Beatty backstage, who was being mobbed per the fashion post-show usual, but the onslaught of squealing congratulations weren’t just about the head-turning collection: she got engaged earlier in the day! We can report that yes, she was glowing, just like those sartorial-slaying sparklers that had just strutted down the runway…

Hi Erin, do you have any pre-show rituals?

We always work out before our show because it’s an 8 o’clock on a Friday night show. I try not to go to the office because I’ll just get caught up in stupid stuff and I’ll make like weird decisions because you’re a little on a high, you know? I try to stay calm more than anything, have a nice brunch. I take a shower! 

Tell us about this season’s Suno girl…

We wanted to feel really clean and really true to the inspiration which is kind of this Roma gypsy girl. Photographer Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert took pictures of this Roma tribe outside of Bucharest in the early 90s and the early 2000s. And between those times they accumulated all of this wealth and built McMansions mansions and computers that they used as decorative items… and mermaid murals. So it was really about this girl. She stays really true to herself but she also mixes shit together. 

Favorite piece on the runway? 

I loved the little patchwork skirt that’s the first to last look. But I also love the first few looks. These heavy materials together to create all of this substance and body. And the lacing and the raw edges, so it feels really handcrafted even though it’s super elevated. 

What song are you looking forward to dancing to at your after-party?

I’m really into that new Beyonce Jay-Z song - whatever it’s called. I like that, I’ll dance to that.

The hair, the make-up, the model casting. All so strong! Discuss. 

We really wanted these weird little alien girls who could transcend all of this and who felt like they were their own tribe. That was super important. The hair and make-up we wanted to feel really clean and simple. Literally I emailed the team just today and was like, “Can we put gold in the [hair] part?” The goal is we wanted this weird, trashy golden vibe, you know, a gold French manicure. But it felt very subtle and luxurious. 

Let’s talk about the eye make-up specifically. 

We wanted them to look very worn, like they’ve been around. 

A little strung out, but yet still gorgeous?

I know! Maybelline sponsored our show and I think they were a little like, “Aaah!” But I think it’s so fresh and so beautiful.