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what's up doc? daneeka

Breaking into a club when he was 14 to experience funk and breakbeat firsthand, event organiser turned DJ Doc Daneeka goes in deep on the rave scene.

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Catch Doc Daneeka at  Egg London on January 31st with Loefah, Dark Sky, xxxy, and others; the full event details can be found here. Kurv will also be celebrating their inaugural soiree and starting a brand new chapter for one of Londons best loved venues Egg London. This will mark a new era in underground electronic music for the illustrious venue.

Type 'Doc Daneeka - Walk On In feat. Ratcatcher' into google search. Place headphones over/into your ears. Increase volume to full. Press play on the track. Feel the bass vibrate? Engage with the music's mesmeric beat progression. Bob head and feel reality fade into the abyss. Such is the power of brilliant music, complete escapism and next level stimulation. At the end of last year Ten Thousand Yen signed Welsh born, Berlin based producer Mial Watkins dropped 'Walk On In' via his Soundcloud, after support from a plethora of producers and DJ's on the underground electronic music scene. Appearing on 2013 music roundups everywhere, this was to be Doc Daneeka's breakthrough moment. Becoming known for his popping parties in and around Swansea, Slamonthebreaks, hosted in connection with TTY label partners Ian and Aled, Mials mind has always been open to every-kind of music. Remixing ambient originals, producing drum and bass beats and more commonly his signature deep Chicago-licked house, he was once a young wayward punk "I was just into Nirvana and stuff like that, too many free-radical hormones." Moving away from angst rock, Mial spent most of his time at Uni avoiding working towards his politics degree in favour promoting parties, staying up till dawn and establishing himself as DJ. Lad. Turning his attention to making dance music full time after mates recognised talent in his mixing skills, shout outs to Ian, Lew & Ocean, today the TTY label co-owner and independent artist produces from a laptop, using a tiny midi controller, twiddling a few analogue synths here and there. Dividing his time equally between scouting out new talent to sign to his independent imprint, home to XXXY, Presk, Chesus and Bodhi, listening to demos and attending shows, Doc is not actually a doctor, he named his DJ act after the a character in the cult novel, Catch 22.  Holed up in his studio down in deepest, darkest Kreuzberg, where he wrote the acclaimed 'Walk On In' after a bout of seasonal S.A.D and a serious case of the holiday blues, Mial doesn't work to a five year plan, he is content touring the globe with his music "l've played in China, India and Thailand, but never Tokyo. Id do it for a bowl of miso!" Piecing together a club focussed mix of upfront tunes delivered by both himself and the label, teamed with a couple of surprise tracks, thrown in for good measure Doc, is the maker of today's mix. Sat at his desk, resisting eating a Mcdonald's this bleak Monday, Mial represses the urge to gorge on saturated fats and instead rustles up a quinoa salad with warm vegetables, and feta, cheese and coriander quesedllias to the soundtrack of some 70s african music. Enter into his world of goodtaste. 

Lock into Doc Daneeka's Music to Warm Up Your Week mix here!

Teach me something clever and rude to say in welsh?
We teach all english people when we cheer, 'iechyd da, a twll din pob sais', which means, 'good health, and every englishman's an arsehole' … so kids, Don't get caught out! 

Your track Walk On In was amongst our faves of last year, what was the creative process behind putting that together?
Thanks! l'd been knocking at the door of that sound for some time, really trying to get that thing going. I think you can hear that with my 'sketches of you' EP that came out at the start of last year, but this time, I'd just come back from motorbiking (on a street scooter) round India with my girlfriend. I had loads of energy, but then I got back to berlin and it was cold and totally sucked, which made it hard to write. Walk on in was basically the spring turning point from winter. The sun was out in the morning, and I jut had breakfast with a good friend. I went home and penned most of it out, sounded good! later on, ratty came in and joined. We banged it out in around 3 hours after that, It felt great. 

How are you seeking out new talent to sign to the label?
We listen to a lot of demos, but to be honest, most of our tracks come from our existing musical family or people kinda related. We're always open to it though. I think its 2 years ago now that I met Presk in Holland, and saw him play, and I begged him to sign after that. He's about to release his second e.p. with us this week, and its amazing. We're trying to cultivate our family right now, but are still bringing through new talent, Next month we have a great 12" coming from new welsh boys, Bodhi. 

Where did the label Ten Thousand Yen name originate from?
Ian and I were racing across India in a tuctuc, with my brother and another of my best friends, joey, and it was born as we decended a huge peak, winding down tiny roads with kilometre drops one side and lories the other. we had a few names and that was the one that stuck. True story. It was fucking scary, we chose the right name though.

Berlin has had a distinct impact upon your sound, creating "They!Live" in the city. Where are your number one top spots to eat, drink and dance?
I don't want all you fashion mugs turning up where I hang out! : ) 

What are your top 3 mixes of all time?
Hard one, this list probably isn't true, but is what i can think of now :
Lil Louis - Max Party '91 Mix
Marcus Nasty Rinse FM (not sure the date, something like 8th or 11th september 2008?!?!? was so amazing, seemed to be the point UKF existed.)
Jay Rocc - Thank you Jay Dee pt 2 - just a superb collection of dilla classics 


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