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arizona meets her muse: patrick demarchelier

Arizona, the beautiful one with the beautiful name, has been muse to many a photographer, designer, artist, boy, girl, anyone really who's been lucky enough to come into contact with her charming self. She's as smart and well-mannered as she is pretty, so in our new series "Arizona meets her muse," we turn the tables and she interviews the photographers, designers, artists, boys, girls, anyone really who she's felt lucky to have come into contact with! First up? Legendary French photographer Patrick Demarchelier.

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What fun it is to conduct an interview! And such an honour to have my first be with the venerable Patrick Demarchelier. We sat together for a brief spell after our lunch break on the day we shot the cover of Chinese Vogue on the beautiful island which Patrick has practically made his own; St Barths. I admire Patrick particularly for his decisiveness. So it was interesting to see that he is well aware of this gift. He is one who knows. And there's much comfort being in the presence of someone who possesses this quite assuredness. 

What’s your favourite colour?
Errrr, maybe blue.

Tell me one thing you like about yourself...
I like to make decisions – I can decide things quickly.

I see that in your shooting! And one thing you don't...
What don’t I like? I think I like everything.

When you were a little boy, what did you think you would be when you grew up?
I had no idea.

In your opinion, what is your gift?
My eyes.

When travelling, how do you feel when you arrive in a new place?
I like to visit and see new places. I like adventure. I’ve got a boat and I love arriving in a new harbour.

Where’s your favourite place on earth?
The whole earth.

Is there anything that scares you?
Climbing. I get paralysed.

What do you find funny?
Everything is funny – everyone you see.

How are models today different to how they were when you started out as a photographer?
You’re not. It’s a different time but all people are always different. It’s not models as a whole – you’re all different people, different girls. When you walk or shoot or make movies, you use different girls. You just need the right girl for the right job.

What were you doing when you were 25 like me?
I was a photographer already. I was successful in Paris.

What was your style? What music did you listen to?
The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones…

Were you a socialite?
Oh yes, I had a lot of friends. Lots of parties and music.

Did you put a lot of thought into your future?
No, not really... only into the project itself. To be happy in the moment. I did one job, I paid my bill, I was happy. You didn’t see me wanting to be famous. Now when people are young they want it all right away. At the time you don’t know where you will go.

What would you be doing now if you’d stopped enjoying your job?
I’d be in jail probably! No… I like sailing, I like art, I like music. Maybe one of those.

Do you play any instruments?
No, that’s why I think good musicians are amazing.