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like mother, like daughter. carine roitfeld and julia restoin-roitfeld

Carine Roitfeld and her daughter Julia must suffer the “you must be sisters joke” an awful lot. Both are beautiful, talented and kind and find Disney films unduly sad. Carine is now editor-in-chief of CR Fashion Book and Global Fashion Director of Harper’s Bazaar, while Julia is an art director and founded Romy & the Bunnies, a platform for young mums, after giving birth to her daughter Romy Nicole, who has changed both of their lives. #Milfs. Here’s how to be chic:

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Julia, what was your mum like when you were growing up?
She was a very hands-on mum. She always been passionate about fashion but her career wasn’t her main priority. She took us to school every morning in her red mini and spent every vacation with us. To me she is a great example that having kids young and putting family before work doesn't stop you from building an amazing career.

Carine, how does it feel to be a grandmother?
When Julia got Romy we became even closer! Daughter becomes mother and mother becomes grandmother! Cycle of life! Watching Julia taking care of Romy makes me happy and proud.

Julia, what's the best piece of advice Carine has given you?
To take time for myself. I am a very hands-on mum and she pushed me to find time for myself too without feeling guilty.

Where's your favourite place to go together?
C: It depends where we are and what time we have! Maybe to go and say "hello" to her grandparents at Cimetiere Montparnasse.

What makes you both laugh?
C: Funny French movies like Le Pere Noel est une ordure or Les Bronzes! Just French people can really laugh!
J: My dad’s jokes. They are not always funny, but he is so satisfied with them that it makes us laugh.

What makes you both cry?
C: Bambi or ET!!!!!
J: Disney films like Bambi lol. The mum always dies in Disney movies, no? How Awful!

Carine, how did you choose the name Julia?
Always loved this name! Classique and feminine at all ages! A friend of mine called Julia ‘jewels’ when she was young! Nice nickname!

Julia, how did you choose the name Romy?
Romy as in Romy Schneider was on my list but not the top one. But when I saw my little Romy’s face, it just clicked, it was her name!

What would be your dream project to collaborate with each other on?
C: Julia is a brilliant photographer so I would love to do a book with her or a reportage! She has a very interesting point of view!
J: A movie maybe?