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nasir mazhar is the king of cyber-sportswear

Sparkling tracksuits and big, black, new rock boots, Nasir Mazhar's autumn/winter 14 collection is what cyber-punks wear to work out.

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"I used masks to make the collection look ready for war. I know it's odd, but I always think of my clothes in battle with other designer's clothes."

He's come so far from being an accessories designer only three years ago, and his most recent menswear show was one of the most vibrant of the season. A grime explosion of glittery trackies, rich emerald layers and his trademark logo'd elasticated waistband, Nasir has made clothes fit for a streetwear king. We spotted his name emblazoned on more than a few shiny tracksuits throughout LC:M and we don't think they're going to be disappearing anytime soon. This is just the beginning for Nasir Mazhar. We catch up with him post-show...

What were your references for this collection?
I don't really like to work with too much direct reference and there wasn't really much for the collection in general. I had reference for the new rock shoes, some images of men in tudor clothing, some images of traditional Turkish clothing and some images of a few goth girls.

What was your favourite piece from the collection?
The pink, green and gold three-layer shorts because they look so royal, camp and OTT.

Why the masks?
Lots of reasons and not but one is reason is ready for war. I know it's odd, but I always think of my clothes in battle with other designer's clothes. 

Tell us about the shoes, they’re very cyber-punk, how did they fit in with the sports/street theme?
They were in my head from the very beginning. I love new rocks. They're typical goth shoes so a lot of people stay away from them but they worked so well. Lol maybe I'm having a mid life crisis.

Who can you see wearing the collection?
I think there's something for all sorts of people.

Check out our backstage images of the show here.