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  • dd dumbo - from the shed to the city streets

    DD Dumbo was discovered playing the EP he’d recorded in his shed in Melbourne in Austin, Texas in March and he’s now signed to revered British Indie label 4AD. i-D caught up with him on his first European tour to talk about Roy Orbison, Joni Mitchell and driving a forklift truck.

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  • 12 questions with charlotte gainsbourg, the new face of louis vuitton

    i-D cover star, singer, actress, model, daughter of Serge and Jane, Charlotte Gainsbourg has done it all. This week she's been unveiled as the new face of Louis Vuitton, starring in the French fashion house's Annie Leibovitz directed autumn/winter 14 campaign film. Never one to rest on her laurels, Charlotte has also designed a capsule collection for denim label Current/Elliott, which is set to run for four seasons starting this Fall. The collection will feature the perfect boyfriend jeans, slouchy tees and blazers, with Charlotte set to pucker up as the face of the campaign. We catch up with the French beauty for a quick fire question round, it's safe to say we've fallen head over heels in love with her all over again!

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  • 10 ways to save the world with vivienne westwood

    At Latitude Festival this weekend, Vivienne Westwood joined Frank Hewetson, one of the Arctic 30 Greenpeace activists imprisoned in Russia during a peaceful protest against oil drilling. Chaired by John Sauven, the Executive Director of Greenpeace, the duo shocked, entertained and inspired an audience of all ages. Post-talk, we headed backstage to discuss art, the government and social media with the legendary fashion rebel and activist. Take responsibility and take note! Here are ten ways to save the world with Dame Viv…

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  • you know you're a genius, maurizio catellan?

    Maurizio Cattelan was born in Padua in 1960, after starting out in the design world he made a name for himself as a brilliant and often controversial artist. In 1996 for an exhibition in Amsterdam he stole another artist’s work from an adjacent gallery, showing it as his own. He called it 'Another Fucking Readymade'. Three years later during the Venice Biennale he rented his exhibition space to an advertising agency who decided to use it to advertise a new perfume, this one he called 'Working is a Bad Job'.

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  • sza's got brooklyn in tears but she's jumping for joy

    “It’s getting so hard for me to hold back tears and keep singing right now!” neo soul singer SZA confessed to the jam-packed audience Rough Trade’s Brooklyn outpost Tuesday night. But she wasn’t the only one feeling a little misty. Whether waiting hours in a downpour in a line wrapped around the building resulted in some leftover dampness, or the premiere of a new emotive collaboration with surprise guest Willow Smith just had folks feeling some typa way, there was not a dry eye in the house. One minute, her wrought performance of “Babylon” left grown men reaching for the tissues, the next, she was jumping for joy over her new Jellies sandals, her infectious giggle somehow as melodic as her soaring vocal acrobatics. This is a girl who could hold her weight in a riff-off with a Daydream-era Mariah Carey, but would just rather eat Smartfood popcorn and watch Pepper Ann re-runs. A girl who makes everyone in the room feel as though they’re watching a middle school best friend her live her dream.

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  • happy birthday to brazilian beauty gisele

    Gisele, it's yo' Birthday. We gon' party like it's yo' Birthday. Read this old interview, like it's yo Birthday. Celebrate the Brazilian beauty's birthday with this interview from i-D's archives.

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  • bridey elliot is not a hipster brat

    Bridey Elliott is one of a new wave of brash, bold New York comic actresses who don’t wait around for life to happen to them. Taking on the role of Harper in Charles Rogers and Sarah-Violet Bliss’s SXSW Grand Jury Award winning film Fort Tilden, Bridey is as unapologetic as her on-screen persona, albeit far more self-aware. Following the tribulations of two best friends as they attempt to ride to Fort Tilden beach in the stifling New York summer, Fort Tilden is an entertaining satire about disaffected, entitled Brooklyn hipsters, as well as a touching tale of friendship. Perfectly cast, Bridey has paid her dues as a standup comic, writer, and actress around the city. And the girl has serious comedy lineage: her father Chris Elliott is a noted comic and longtime Letterman star, and her sister Abby was a Saturday Night Live cast member. i-D speaks to the rising star about stolen bikes, suspending judgment, and driving representations of women in film into the future.

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  • Beyond Clueless, a teen movie about teen movies

    “My plastic surgeon doesn’t want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose.” “Well, there goes your social life!” 1995’s Clueless is full of brilliant quotes, something which Charlie Lyne, the creative mind behind film blog Ultra Culture knows all about. Teaming up with a selection of his most talented friends, he set out to direct the ultimate movie about teen movies.

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  • issa lish is the mexican-japanese model you need to know

    The special thing about Issa Lish is that she doesn't look like anybody else. She's a little Japanese, a little Mexican, but most of all, unique. Born in Mexico City in 1995, Issa started modelling for Mexico's independent designers aged 14. Fast forward four years and she is one of the stand out faces of the moment, working for brands including Marc Jacobs, Saint Laurent, Balmain and Coach. We catch up with Issa back in her hometown to find out what makes the Italian Vogue coverstar tick...

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  • we wanna play FTSE with FTSE!

    Not to be mistaken with the Financial Times Stock Exchange, FTSE are the brilliantly talented, wicked fun dream team (both on stage and IRL), Sam and Tazmyn. Hailing from Leicester, the duo aim to create tracks where both music and lyrics are of equal value... ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Their simple productions revolve around social commentary and are full of brilliant beats, honest words and sweet sounds. Taken from their recent EP, Utopia talks of “possessions possessing a whole generation’s psyche – Apple, Adidas and Nike”, while Nite Life, featuring i-D favourite Femme, is the antithesis of your favourite club tune and sounds like a sober night out with your drunk mates, but amazing. It’s also worth noting that Sam is currently partying hard in his no-fucks given side project with Jakwob, GET HOT, and collaborating with the likes of Kenzie May and Saint Saviour. Ahead of their live performance at FARR festival this weekend, we caught up with the Lucky Number kids to chat sad songs, perfect songwriting and real life issues.

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  • together PANGEA know how to party

    As well as the former supercontinent, PANGEA started out with a handsome teen hippy from Cali named William. Having caught his first show, high school friend Danny - then an eyeliner wearing, AFI lover - joined him and took up the bass along with then ska-punk drummer Erik. Fast forward several years to a Capitol Records signing and they were politely informed by the legal dept that there was, ironically, too much PANGEA in the world. Adopting ‘together’, always and forever, the band/besties are taking their LA sound global.

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