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  • Kitty Cash Makes your New Favorite Mixtapes

    With the recent release of her 29-track 'Love the Free II', DJ Kitty Cash has elevated the mixtape game to a level our 13-year-old cassette-recording selves could only dream of. Featuring original compositions and collaborations from Dev Hynes, Willow Smith, SZA, Rome Fortune, Jungle Pussy, and many more, the Brooklyn native’s mixtapes are off the chain. i-D caught up with the mixtape master to talk friendship, fashion and what “Girl Power” means in New York today.

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  • sex and social media: the girls changing the face of feminism on the web

    Love hearts and smileys and #shares oh my! The women who rule the web, Petra Collins, Phoebe Collings-James, Karley Sciortino, Arvida Byström, and Alexandra Roxo are the riot grrrls of the digital generation. From their candy coloured blogs to their sugar coated selfies, we meet the girls who’ve wiped away the cobwebs of feminism-past to talk sex, social media, and why it’s so good to be a girl rn.

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  • bronx native maxine ashley is pharrell's new protege

    21-year-old Maxine Ashley has been steadily racking up an increasing amount of fans – including man of the year Pharrell Williams who signed her to his I Am Other imprint – off the back of the homemade YouTube videos she recorded and uploaded in the bedroom of her family home from the age of 13. Following the release of debut EP ‘Mood Swings’, the Bronx native talks about aspiring to be Aaliyah, not knowing who Pharrell was and trying to pick her tattoos off.

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  • Quentin Jones’ Girl Power Collages ...

    “Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum?” the Guerrilla Girls - an anonymous collective of activists fighting discrimination in the art world - asked in 1989. “Less than 5% of the artists in the Modern Art section are women, but 85% of the nudes are female.” Twenty five years later, how have things changed? To celebrate i-D Girl Week, i-D asked one of our favourite illustrators, animators, and fashion filmmakers Quentin Jones to create a series of exclusive collages that consider female representation beyond Snapchats and selfies. We caught up with Quentin to talk the power of the self portrait, advice for up-and-coming artists, and why Virginia Woolf was onto something.

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  • what was your girlhood like?

    To coincide with the release of The Girls + Boys Issue, Pre-Fall 14, we dedicated last week entirely to the boys, but this week is all girls, girls, girls! From the kids who grew up as tomboys to those who wanted to be glamour pusses, the golden girls, teachers pets, rebels, geeks, girls with boyfriends, girls with girlfriends, girls with no friends, adolescence can be a totally tumultuous and overly-emotional time for a girl. Here, we ask some of our favourite ladies about their childhood...

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  • Pucker up and face perfection, Lindsey Wixson's got the most famous pout in fashion!

    She gets the gap in her teeth and dimples from her dad and her nose from her mum but Lindsey Wixson's real life geisha lips are a mystery all her own. Lindsey was 15 when she flew to The City of Dreams (Los Angeles) to shoot with Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia and the dream never ended… Since then, Lindsey’s lips have graced the pages of W, Self Service and of course i-D, her long legs have stalked the runways of Prada, Chanel and Saint Laurent, she’s been the face of Miu Miu, Versace and Mulberry campaigns and to top it off, she wore a tailor made dress by Jason Wu to her high school prom. Born and raised in the sunset suburbia of Wichita (I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore…), Lindsey’s now 20 and signed to The Society Management. For i-D Girl Week we get lippy with Lindsey...

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  • 21st century boy: frank lebon

    Son of Buffalo photographer Mark Lebon and brother to gentle giant and i-D fave Tyrone Lebon, 20 year old Frank can be found serious faced in the Alexander McQueen spring/summer 14 campaign, sucking face in Mount Kimbie's Would Know video and twisting tongues with Cara Delevingne on the pages of i-D. He hangs out in West London, models but isn't a model and loves underground parties. As a not so typical boy of the internet generation, we fire ten quick questions at Frank Lebon for i-D Boy Week...

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  • alex bottenberg is the girl designing clothes for a boy's world

    23 year old Alex Bottenberg may hail from Manchester but her 50s inspired graduate collection of high-waisted, wide-legged denim, and logo-adorned jackets were the perfect example of a modern utopian Americana. Whilst Bottenberg’s collection conjures up a nostalgic feeling of yesteryear, the clothes are nothing but contemporary as showcased in our shoot by photographer Leonn Ward. We spoke with Alex to get her thoughts on the current menswear scene, her 50s film favourites and the advantages of being a girl designing for a boy’s world.

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  • ben khan is the soundcloud sensation who dreams about being chased by wolves

    It’s not often you that you meet an artist who prefers to let their music speak for itself; it’s hard enough to go a day without seeing at least 10 philosophical quotes from your favourite musician on Instagram. So it’s refreshing when a 22-year-old producer/singer/songwriter named Ben Khan pops up, not on your timeline but in your ears, making beautiful, woozy synth-soul. His debut EP ‘1992’ was just four tracks deep, but full of both evocative tunes about love and life that was utterly mesmerising. Yet, despite six-figure plays on YouTube and Soundcloud, still little is known about Khan...

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  • life's a bleach with alex brownsell

    Alex Brownsell started Bleach Hair Salon in her living room, colouring her friends hair (and their lives) in amazing shades of pinks, greens and blues. A few years later and the streets of London are dominated by the brights of Bleach. i-D meets the girl responsible for bringing colour onto the catwalks and making the hair world just that little bit cooler.

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  • Tyler the Creator rants about warm milk, crap rap and Snapchat

    As part of Odd Future, producer, rapper, writer, director and actor Tyler The Creator is one of pop culture’s most fascinating figures. Operating outside of the confines of expectation and limitation, the brilliantly divisive LA-born creative isn’t interested in pushing the boundaries; he’d rather ignore their very existence. When Tyler went to San Fran with his pals and wondered if i-D would like some pictures, just cos, we gave him a double thumbs up. There was no album to push, no PR to please, just good old fashioned lols purely for larks.

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