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  • gosha rubchinskiy is documenting the toughness and vulnerability of modern masculinity in russia

    Gosha Rubchinskiy is perhaps the epitome of what is means to be a modern, multi-faceted artist today. As both an artist and fashion designer, he is an inevitable cultural commentator who manifests his vision of modern masculinity and Russian street skaters in a variety of ways. Stemming from his spring/summer 15 show, Transfiguation is a 3-part documentary about young skaters in St Petersburg that mixes the gentleness, toughness and vulnerability of youth. Gosha Runchinsky is documenting the present powerfully.

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  • blind date, david bailey and bad hair days with rising star aneurin barnard…

    “What’s your name and where d’ya come from?” Aneurin (pronounced like an-eye-rin) Barnard is the curly haired brunette who’s made the move from The Valleys to the silver screen and will be playing Bobby Willis – the husband of everyone’s favourite Liverpudlian and Blind Date presenter Cilla Black in Cilla. He’s quite a catch!

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  • how to be parisian with caroline de maigret

    Parisian women have perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect clothes, perfect lives and perfect taste in everything. Or so we thought, here to dispel these myths and more is French supermodel and music producer Caroline De Maigret and her three best friends Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, and Sophie Mas. Based on the experiences of these four amazing women, and filled with hilarious tales about love, sex, and bad habits, How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are will teach you everything from how to have affairs (deny, deny, deny) to where to go when you’re hungover. Here Caroline lets us in on what it’s really like to be a Parisian woman.

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  • Industry Insi-Der: Make-up Artist Peter Philips

    With New York Fashion Week fast approaching, i-D goes behind the scenes to talk to our favourite industry insiders who've been defining and reshaping fashion for decades. First up, make-up maestro and Creative and Image Director of Christian Dior Make-up.

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  • Cheap Monday tricks for their 10th anniversary

    Cheap Monday is the skull emblazoned label that started as a small second-hand shop in Stockholm and has now grown into a fully-fledged ready-to-wear brand. 2014 marks its 10th anniversary and the spring/summer 15 show went out with a splash…

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  • jamie blackley talks sex scenes, football, and hanging out with joaquin phoenix

    Jamie Blackley is about to hit the big time. He’s just finished shooting the new Woody Allen movie, a film so shrouded in mystery that even Jamie doesn’t know what it’s about, while Kids in Love, the hotly anticipated coming of age story in which he plays Will Poulter’s best friend Tom, will soon be coming to a cinema near you.

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  • emma roberts is the high school star of Palo Alto who’s never actually been to high school

    Emma Roberts first appeared in the movies at nine, as Johnny Depp’s daughter in cocaine-smuggling thriller Blow. When she was sixteen she travelled to Britain to take the lead role in Wild Child, a teen morality tale about a Malibu party-girl who’s exiled in a home counties boarding school (it’s brilliant). Now at twenty-three she’s taken on the role of April in Gia Coppola’s directorial debut Palo Alto, which arrives in UK cinemas on October 3rd and is adapted from James Franco’s collection of short stories about the small Californian city where he was brought up.

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  • 1 granary is the most exciting student magazine in the world

    With alumni like Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Christopher Kane, there’s no denying that Central Saint Martins is one of the greatest art schools in the world. Proving just how great, current students have started up 1 Granary, a seriously impressive biannual magazine celebrating the life and work of CSM students both past and present. With a highly acclaimed first issue featuring the Sex Pistols, we couldn’t be more excited about the release of the second next week. Now available worldwide, 1 Granary Issue Two features interviews with the likes of Christopher Kane, Ai Weiwei and i-D alumnus Simon Foxton, alongside the CSM graduate collection shot by Nick Knight. We spoke to the creative minds behind the publication, editors Greg French, Sara McAlpine and Olya Kuryshchuk, to discuss creative freedom, Louise Wilson and the unofficial 1 Granary mantra.

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  • Best friends Adwoa, Alewya, Jazzy, Gala and Kesewa invite team i-D for a night on the town!

    Adwoa, Kesewa, Gala, Jazzy, and Alewya look like they could be in some kind of dreamy 90s riot grrrl rock band, oozing with punk grit and pussy power spirit. Instead, they’re a group of best friends, new and old, hand picked from the dance floor or born into as family. As thick as thieves, there’s no place these girls would rather be than laughing, dancing, running, crying, and just generally being in each other’s company. Fiercely loyal, the bond of sisterhood runs deep. They’re a girl gang, a group of kindred spirits navigating their way through the whirlwind of life, just like generations before them. They’re young, they’re free and they’re having fun, but above all, they have each other.

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  • agyness deyn on boots, boys clothes and launching her label

    If Wonder Woman was a real life woman, she’d look a lot like Agyness Deyn. A long way away from her days of working in a fish ‘n’ chip shop in Littleborough, under the name Laura Hollins, Agyness Deyn is the model turned singer turned actress turned stripper (it was for a movie role) who lit up our world in the noughties with her platinum blonde pixie crop, heavy brows and all round effortless cool. The poster girl for androgyny, Aggy has always been something of a style icon, and now she’s added one more string to her already sexy bow: fashion designer. Launched earlier this year, with the support of her sister Emily and long time friend Tracy Moore, Title A takes its inspiration from the cool casual and relaxed forms of menswear, tempered with a grown-up sense of feminine charm. We caught up with the most wondrous woman in the world to talk suits, boots, and why it’s so good to be a girl.

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