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  • talking reely and truly with tyrone lebon

    As one of the world’s brightest young photographers, you’d think Tyrone Lebon knew everything there was to know about the art of picture-taking but think again. Armed with a camera, a plane ticket and a plan, Tyrone embarked on a tour of the world interviewing lensmen from Mario Sorrenti, Juergen Teller, Ari Marcopoulos and more to capture the nature of photography and the intentions of said photographers. The result? Reely and Truly, made in collaboration with Grolsch Filmworks, DoBeDo and Somesuch is a cinematic documentary that questions desire, photography and truth and (we’re told) a extended trailer of sorts for a bigger project come 2015. Want to know more? No worries. A couple of days after the film’s premiere at the ICA, we caught up with Tyrone and his father (also one of the documentaries subjects) photographer Mark Lebon whilst out for lunch to get their thoughts behind the film.

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  • investigating japan's sex underground

    Japan’s underground sex scene; a subculture where rope bondage is an art form, genitals are pixelated in porn and there’s a whole group of people who get turned on by blowing up and popping balloons. Working as a journalist for over 10 years, exploring previously uncharted areas of society, Su Zume earned the trust of some of the most underground of clubs, enabling her to show us the ins and outs of Japan’s secret sex cultures. Her new book Pink Kinky: Japan’s Sex Underground, is a visual masterpiece, divulging the little-known secrets of what really goes on in what is apparently the world’s least sexually active country... Su Zume tells i-D about fashion, fetish and blowing up balloons in hotel toilets.

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  • the cast of the a-z of slang share their favourite words

    Twerkin’, YOLO, FOMO, cray. Selfie, salty, catfish, bae. Tango yankee, O-M-G. Sugar Honey Ice Tea. The internet generation have given slang a new lease of life as acronyms, shortenings and nicknames used on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook spill over into real life. Reinforce your vocabulary with our A-Z of Slang as we ask it’s cast what their favourite made up word is…

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  • meet the menswear grads of 2014

    Graduate fashion week is one of London’s hottest tickets. We meet the next generation of graduates from the capital’s tip top design schools. They’ve got it on lock!

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  • 2,4,6,8... we appreciate loyle carner

    Loyle Carner is a South London MC whose heartfelt rhymes contrast his laid back personality, whether it’s stating that he falls in love too easily on Rejjie Snow’s 1992, or how he needs to make money to support his fam. He’s been working on his own material for a while now, jokingly calling his EP A Little Late. From the opening song featuring the lyrics "everybody says i'm fucking sad, of course i'm fucking sad, I miss my fucking dad” about dealing with the grief of his dad passing, the EP is full of raw emotion. Through which he’s found a lot of catharsis, finding it the best way to deal with the worst that life throws at him. We decided that the world needs to know more about one of the most underrated UK rappers, so we’ve become his cheerleaders, 2,4,6,8, who do we appreciate… Loyle Carner!

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  • from matilda to maleficent with child superstar isobelle molloy

    Sleeping Beauty fair, gold of sunshine in your hair. Lips that shame the red, red rose. Dreaming of true love in slumber repose. Starring as a young Maleficent in the film that earlier this year brought Disney’s most wicked villain to life, Isobelle Molloy is a name you need to know. Aged just 14, she’s already modelled in adverts (‘’it’s fun, but it’s hard not to perform’’) played an orphan in Oliver!, acted as Bella Young in Eastenders, and, most recently,starred as both Amanda (the girl who gets spun around by her pigtails by Miss Trunchbull) and Matilda in the stage version of Roald Dahl’s classic. On the week that her debut film is released on DVD, we caught up with young Isobelle to talk about musicals, Maleficent, and true love’s kisses on your 16th birthday.

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  • the best new acts we found at cmj music festival

    Last week, New York played host to the 34th annual CMJ Music Marathon, an aptly named five day extravaganza of more than 1,400 performances in over 80 of our favourite local spots. While the nonstop week can be pretty intense (some bands have been known to double up and play two, even three shows a day), CMJ has become one of the most important platforms for discovering emerging talent. We caught up with a few of the coolest new acts in the midst of the madness!

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  • Faustine Steinmetz is perfectly rough around the edges

    In the current climate of fast fashion where the general consensus is bin-it-when-it’s-broke-and-buy-a-new-one, it’s refreshing to find a young designer employing traditional techniques of craft and valuing quality above quantity. Faustine Steinmetz is the Parisian bringing artisanal skill to the forefront with some dreamy double denim.

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  • fergus purcell's palace of dreams

    Fergus Purcell’s drawings have helped to launch Palace Skateboards and to re-launch Marc By Marc Jacobs, but it hasn’t happened overnight. His story is an inspiration to everyone out there still chasing their dreams.

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  • corks and couture with iris van herpen

    Iris Van Herpen has grabbed headlines with her 3D printed dresses, but her work is beyond a simple process gimmick. The Dutch designer’s collections have been consistently inventive and beautiful - winning her France’s prestigious ANDAM Award this year - and she’s been dressing the likes of Beyoncé, Gaga and Björk. Van Herpen recently teamed up with Dom Pérignon to design a limited edition bottle and box, plus Coccoonase, a made-to-order art object that looks like a creature scooped from the sea or pulled from a planet. i-D shared a glass of vintage champagne with her and talked about the art of collaboration, the future of her collections and working under Alexander McQueen.

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