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  • 20 years of nose to tail dining with fergus henderson

    "It's a terrible thing how much fun I have", Fergus Henderson says of his job as chef and founder of the St John restaurant. Known for his down to earth manner and common sense attitude towards food, he's been laying his table with the essentials for fine dining for 20 years now. His fan base stretches from the art world to fashion scene, with friends and family and a few city boys thrown in for good measure. Amid the clank and clatter of lunch time diners i-D tucked into a haddock, bacon and mash lunch and chatted about architecture, common sense and the reaching the limits of what's edible.

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  • 2,4,6,8, We Appreciate Flight Facilities!

    Flight Facilities are the band behind the insta-blog classic Crave You, and they’ve kept the same dancefloor ready pace for their latest song Two Bodies, albeit with a more downtempo groove. The duo behind the music, Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell, have fully embraced their band name, regularly performing in pilot outfits and dropping flight commentary into their mixtapes for that added touch of in-flight entertainment. We decided to treat them to our new 2,4,6,8 feature to help to grips with the people you need to know. Their debut album Down to Earth will be released on October the 27th through Glassnote Records.

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  • house pioneer DJ Harvey on catching waves and shopping with larry levan

    DJ Harvey is not just a DJ. He is a DJ Legend. A pioneer on the UK house scene during the ‘90s, Harvey’s eclectic tunes and flawless ability to read a crowd have ensured he is in demand the world over. Founder of the legendary Black Cock edit label, today Harvey spends his days catching waves in Hawaii - where he co-owns contemporary art gallery thirtyninehotel. i-D met up with the disco don for The World Wide Web Issue in 2012, and ahead of his performance at Fabric tonight pay your respects to a legend.

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  • first and last with david rodigan mbe

    As a certified Top Selector, who better to talk music with than David ‘RamJam’ Rodigan, MBE. This passionate and ardent advocate of Reggae continues to spread the word through his 1Xtra show every Sunday, winning new generations of fans from around the world as he goes. Rodigan’s significance to Reggae cannot be overstated; it was on his Radio London show in the 70s that Bob Marley first played ‘Could You Be Loved’ and it’s on his show now that you can expect to hear the latest – and greatest – from Jamaica and beyond. We grill the World Clash Champion on heartbreak, Dr. Who and the records that have been oh-so relevant to his life so far…

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  • Oliver Hadlee Pearch and his assistant Tegen Williams explore the relationship between artist and muse

    “Maybe these relationships you build up are one in a million,” says young London photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch dreamily to his flame-haired muse, Tegen Williams. “You find people who you just connect with and who it’s easy to work with and be around.” Closer than friends but certainly not lovers, theirs is the kind of pure platonic love that runs thicker than water and sweeter than honey. So much more than just a photographer and assistant, Ollie and Tegen have been brightening up each other’s lives since they first met two years ago.

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  • bethany morris photographs real british youth culture

    At only 23-years-old Bethany Morris is the Manchester based photographer whose life experiences have already hugely shaped her aesthetic. She grew up in a small, lifeless town in rural Cheshire, where she met the ‘love of her life’ age 13 and fell pregnant with his child before he abandoned them.

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  • Baron magazine has been changing our consumption of porn since 2012

    The creation of Jonathan Baron and Matthew Holroyd, Baron gives some of the top creative talent around a chance to show us what gets them hot. For issue #2, photographer Tyrone Lebon took the reigns, exploring the evolution of sexuality in todays image (over)sharing society. A tough act to follow, but Baron #3 is here and it’s their biggest and best yet. The Future of Sex issue questions how technology is shaping our experience of sex, in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. The list of contributors is great, featuring the likes of Harley Weir, Brett Emerson, Lena C.Emery and Bloomers/Schumm. We met Robert Henry Rubin, the co-editor of NIGHT magazine in New York since 1978 and the co-guest editor of Baron #3 to chat about Mother Teresa, celibacy and the differences between fashion and porn.

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  • Gregg Araki on Shailene Woodley, Depeche Mode, and his new film White Bird in a Blizzard

    Describing two of his past films as, “A kinda cross between avant-garde experimental cinema and a queer John Hughes flick,” and “A Beverly Hills, 90210 episode on acid," director Gregg Araki has served as something of a youth oracle in the span of his 27-year career. From movies like The Doom Generation to Mysterious Skin, Araki has explored identity, sexuality, and what it means to be a teenager. Araki’s forthcoming film, White Bird in a Blizzard, follows Kat (played by Shailene Woodley), a 17-year-old girl coming of age in suburban California whose neurotic mother (played by Eva Green) suddenly and mysteriously disappears without a trace. Ahead of the film’s theatrical release this Friday, i-D caught up with the legendary director to talk all things White Bird.

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  • from occupy london to the suburbs, a journey with laura oldfield ford

    Surbiton station isn’t the first place you’d expect to meet Laura Oldfield Ford. It is almost a decade since her zine Savage Messiah began garnering attention among the east London art crowd. Her post-subcultural blend of prose, drawings and collages seemed to flicker like pointed lights in the dusk of a city. There was a clear enemy: the “yuppies” moving into a Hackney once known for cheap rents and alternative culture but was becoming an area at the mercy of offshore landlords.

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  • Emily Browning’s guide to L-O-V-E

    25 year old Australian actress, absolute babe and i-D super-star Emily Browning is in love. In between making her teenage dreams come true as the lead in Belle & Sebastian’s God Help The Girl and taking on the tough job of playing Tom Hardy’s wife in Legend, Emily somehow makes time for a real life love life, with fellow thespian Xavier Samuels being the lucky guy on the receiving end. We stood on a London balcony with the beauty for some fresh air and deep chat.

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