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when julia met lily

Julia Sarr-Jamois is a fashion editor, stylist and street style photographer’s dream. Affectionately known as JSJ, she is a much-loved friend and contributor to i-D. For the Winter Issue, Julia took Lily McMenamy back to school, Bunsen burners, lab coats and all! Here she recounts the day of the shoot…

“I shot my first ever story for i-D with Tyrone Lebon a few years ago. We're good friends and I love working with him. He's got a genuinely unique point of view and it was a real pleasure to join forces again and shoot a schoolgirl inspired story for The Collector’s Issue. Tyrone and I spent a long time talking about our ideas and started by looking at girls we loved. We were both fascinated by Lily McMenamy - she has an incredible, unconventional face and a great character. We started thinking about schoolgirls, but schoolgirls with attitude - rude girls!!! We thought Lily would make the perfect rude girl and we were excited that no one had seen her this way before. The first day of the shoot was really full on. We started by shooting portraits of some incredible street cast girls that we found - a couple of whom were scouted by O Youth, while another I found at Notting Hill Carnival whilst having a rave! Her name was Shardia, and she was great. I had to persuade her to miss school for the day and she was texting me selfies beforehand. These ended up being some of my favourite pictures in the story. Lily arrived in the afternoon, along with ten street cast boys. We shot on location at Dulwich Collage in south London and had to shoot pretty late into the night, as it was during term-time and there were kids and teachers working in the day. Shooting at night in an old school was pretty weird and creepy. It was massive and we shot everywhere - in the canteen, science lab, even the pool! We wrapped at around 2am, so it was a full on day but I loved every minute of it! The second day of the shoot was in a studio in east London. Set designer David White built an incredible set of a schoolgirl’s bedroom, bathroom and a graduation portrait backdrop. As we were in a studio, we decided to exaggerate the character we created the day before. So we really went for it with the hair! Hair stylist Tina Outen, who also features in the story alongside Tyrone’s dad Mark Lebon, added tons and tons of Claire’s Accessories clips and grips to Lily’s hair to create a real rude girl look. We worked on this shoot for a long time and it really is one the most amazing shoots I have ever worked on. I hope you love it as much as we do.” Julia x