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industry insi-Der: sarah doukas

Superstar model agent and founder of Storm Models, Sarah Doukas recounts the moment she saw Kate Moss...

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Different faces always intrigue me. I’m drawn to personalities, people with something to say. There isn’t one formula or one description for what’s hot right now. Great faces inspire trends in much the same way that exceptional photographers and stylists do. There have been quite a few over the years, but I don’t think there will be another model quite like Kate Moss. She sets the benchmark high for everyone and remains an extraordinary and fascinating inspiration to many - both in and out of fashion. I spotted her sitting on a suitcase queuing for a Pan Am flight. She was just 14 and it was 1988. I’ll never forget that face… and that very cool, slightly bored attitude as she sat oblivious to all the activity and people in the airport. Kate will always stand out and whatever I say will never be enough.